The All-Inclusive Experience

Ahhhh the all-inclusive resort, such an American tradition, eat all you want, drink all you want, it’s all about the excess. Of course on my trip to Mexico I knew I had to try one, and where better to try one than Cancun.

The All-Inclusive Experience |

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Book Review: Daughter & The Circle

I’ve grown up an avid reader, sometimes easily devouring four books a week if not more; however with the popularity of Netflix and the general exhaustion I feel after work I’ve fallen out of the regular reading habit. I decided to change that and so I try to turn off the laptop at 8:30pm and pick up a book instead. Here’s the two I’ve read and loved in July!

July Book Review |

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Dealing With Unemployment

Three years ago I ended up unemployed after being made redundant, at first it was easy and fun, but then as one month turned into two and then into three and suddenly I was struggling. Looking back I would of managed those three months differently.

7 Ways of Dealing With Unemployment |

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