The Collective V.1

A new regular feature on the blog will be The Collective. The Collective is 5 – 10 things I’ve discovered or enjoyed lately. Here is V.1 for the month of May.


The Collective Seren Says CookiesIf you feel like a treat, then make sure you check out my chocolate chip cookie recipe.




Whilst crime podcasts are my favourite, I’m trying to branch out. The Secret Room is a podcast where people reveal their secrets.


If you’re looking for a memorable Airbnb in New Zealand, then this list has them all.


With winter coming, find out the best way to look after your immune system.


I get a lot of compliments and questions about my nails. I have been going to Leah Light for over six months now and my nails are insanely long!


I love my oil diffuser, the lavender helps me fall to sleep easier and I wake up relaxed and ready for the day. You can get one from Mighty Ape (NZ readers) or the Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser from Revolve.


Recently I was lucky enough to stay at The Pullman Hotel in Auckland and it was AMAZING! Next time you’re in Auckland check it out.


This article is a great read to help you reflect on your friendships and phone use!


Now winter is officially here! I personally love winter, the food, the clothes, red wine and endless excuses to stay in! What’s your favourite season?


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