10 Ways To Stay Organised

Staying organised is always something that has come naturally to me, perhaps that’s why I’m an event manager! There are lots of benefits to being an organised person, you can save time, achieve more and lower stress levels with a few simple habits.

It can be amazing how all the small tasks we do, or don’t do can have a huge effect on how we feel. Rather than letting it all accumulate to the point where it feels overwhelming, it’s a lot easier to stay organised with simple, easy to develop habits.

10 Ways to Stay Organised

1 – Make your bed

When you first wake up, make your bed. It seems insignificant but it can set your mood for the whole day. It takes around 30 seconds and it’s an easy task to tick off. Here are five benefits to making your bed in the morning.

2 – Give everything a home

My mum used to say “put things back where they live” and it used to grate me but as I’ve grown up it makes perfect sense! When you finish using something put it away, it’ll stop clutter from taking over your life. Keep your keys in a certain place, this will mean you don’t waste time trying to find them when you’re in a rush.

3 – Clean as you go

This one applies to the kitchen mostly, as you cook and finish using certain pans, bowls or utensils clean them up. Once you finish your meal, it also means that there is less washing up to do, more time to relax!

4 – Prepare the night before

Pack your work bag and gym bag the night before. This way if you end up accidentally sleeping in you’re still prepared and ready to run out the door. Another tip is to plan out tomorrow’s outfit in the evening as well. This can help cut down the mental clutter in the morning.

5 – Lists are your friend

Write a daily to-do list, include items for work, home and personal things. Ideally, write them the night before so when you start the day you have a clear focus. I do a daily work list, a weekend home tasks list and an ongoing list of personal errands and tasks.

You can also use lists for movies you want to watch, or gift ideas for family. Having them in one handy place (like your phone) makes it easy to refer to them.

6 – Clothes go in three places

I find that as soon as I leave an item of clothing on the floor it escalates and then two days later the bedroom is a mess. Clothes live in three places, either put away in a drawer or wardrobe, in the laundry basket or on you!

7 – Declutter the digital

Unsubscribe from pointless emails, delete apps you never use, cleanse your iPhone of blurry photos. All of these small things seem like they don’t matter but they take up mental energy. Seeing an empty inbox is surprisingly energising!

Also, limit notifications on your phone and desktop. It’s easy to get distracted when you see a new email come through.

8 – Block out time

My manager got me onto this, blocking out time in your day to focus on specific tasks. For example, from 3pm – 4pm on a Friday you might do your filing or your invoicing. 9am – 9:30am might be the time you reply to emails. I find it works really well!

9 – Set up regular appointments

Every time I finish at a hair appointment I always book the next one. The same goes for my eyebrow appointments. I personally hate having to ring to make a booking, so doing this then and there eliminates an annoying task and means I get to choose the time and day that suits me best.

10 – Plan your meals in advance

We usually do a grocery shop on a Sunday and I will plan out all the dinners for the week ahead of time. This means when I get home at 6:30pm during the week, I know exactly what I need to do. I’m my least effective in the evening, so keeping it easy by pre-planning meals means I’m more relaxed.


What are your tips to stay organised?



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