Body By MG – The final update

I have finally finished the Body By MG gym guide and so it’s time for my final verdict.

First, up the burning question, did I get the results I wanted? The short answer is no. As I mentioned in a previous post the actual guide requires a lot of commitment, five days a week in the gym and if you are doing the “optional extras” then the whole thing would take over an hour a day. For me personally, this is too much. I’ve never been a five day a week in the gym girl, and I dislike spending more than an hour at the gym. This means I didn’t do the optional extras such as the cardio and glute pumpers, so I would say this affected my results.

The “optional extras” are NOT optional if you want to see real results. If you can commit to the gym five days a week for over an hour then you’ll probably love this guide. However, if you are like the majority of the population and don’t want to or don’t have the time, then you’ll end up cutting corners like I did.

The Body By MG gym guide is also a very inefficient way of weight training. It subscribes to the old bodybuilding mantra of every day you focus on a different body part, for example, legs, glutes, back and chest etc. Which, is ideal for a bodybuilder but not ideal for the average gym goer. Fridays were arms and abs day, which are very small muscles and so, therefore, the actual workload is small for that day. For efficiency sake, you can work out arm and ab muscles as part of larger workouts. A whole day dedicated to them is not required.

Body By MG Final Review | Serensays.comWhilst weight training is very helpful for fat loss, this guide isn’t the best way to go about it. Maddy at one point said that the gym guide was for muscle building and the home guide was better for fat loss, BUT she also said in a different comment that they’d both work for fat loss. I did a bit more research into the Home Guide and found it it’s the same moves as the Gym Guide but formatted differently, so essentially, the exact same information just laid out in a different order.

Also, let’s talk about diet. There were girls who got great results, but they also completely changed what they ate so, in reality, most of the result we were seeing was due to energy intake rather than the guide itself. Maddy is planning on launching a nutrition guide this month, but all that information is free on Google so not worth paying for.

My final recommendation would be don’t bother with the Body By MG guide. You’d get the same results or even be better off doing a full body work out three days a week. I would suggest seeing a trainer at a gym and getting them to do a full in-person assessment and tailor a program that works specifically for you.

Remember, a lot of fitness influencers actually have no or minimal personal training knowledge or experience. They’re selling a very generic guide that isn’t ideal for everyone. In addition to this, they have genetics on their side. 90% of how they look is sheer genetic lottery luck. Stop comparing yourself to them and start comparing yourself to yourself!

Have you done the Body By MG guide? What were your thoughts?




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  1. I don’t agree! How are you going to even judge the guide when you didn’t even follow it correctly, you only tried to follow it. Working out five times a week for an hour is not really that much considering there are 24 hours in ONE DAY. I mean seriously it’s only 5 hours a week. You aren’t going to see results sitting on your butt complaining about how you don’t have enough time in the day. Let’s be real.. everyone makes time for things they want to do and saying ‘I’m really busy’ is just an excuse. Sorry but no it’s not the guides fault…it’s your lack of motivation and excuses getting in the way of your goals.

    1. For me personally (and plenty of other people) I don’t want to work out five days a week. The reason for this is I have other commitments and a very stressful job. You can work out for 3 days a week and get results.

      I’m now currently working out 3-4 days a week for 30-45 minutes and seeing fantastic results.

      For me personally this guide doesn’t suit my lifestyle and I wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t wanting to spend 5 days a week in the gym. Other people love working out 5 days a week and that’s fine too, they’ll probably love this guide.

        1. Hi, my gym has personal trainers at very reasonable prices. I see a trainer once a week, he’s written me a programme that I follow for the other 2 days that I go. All up, going 3 days a week now working my full body.

  2. Thanks a lot for this review! I was considering buying this one, but I’d rather stick to my personal plan I guess. I do think this can work out for some people, but I’m definitely one that cannot go to the gym 5 times a week (unfortunately)…

  3. What does your present workout look like? I’m a 4-5 days a week gym-goer and would love to decrease it down to 3-4 lol.

  4. I bought the guide because of the “hype” however i feel totally ripped off. The guide isn’t easy to follow and over complicated for no reason. I left a review of my poor experience in her review section however Maddy deleted it (there was two other negative reviews however she has removed them all)

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