Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

I’ve been trying to be more mindful when it comes to the products I use and the waste that is left behind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to switch from tampons or pads to a menstrual cup. I bought one six months ago and it has changed my life! Check out my Lunette Menstrual Cup Review.

What is a menstrual cup?

On first glance, they can look intimidating as they’re wider than a tampon and an odd shape. Instead of absorbing your menstrual blood the cup holds it and you empty it twice a day. They’re made from medical grade silicone so they’re made to last, in fact, they can last for years.

They usually come in 2 sizes, pre-childbirth and post-childbirth, simple!

How Do I Choose One?

There are so many options out there and it can be very overwhelming to choose! I would recommend any reputable brand, Diva Cup, Ruby Cup, Lunette, Hello Cup or Freedom Cups. I would NOT recommend buying them from somewhere like Ali Express as there is no way to determine if it’s medical grade silicone.

I chose Lunette because after doing a lot of researching they had great reviews and were a great price.

What’s it like?

I wouldn’t lie, it took me a few tries to get my cup sitting correctly, however, once you have the technique then it’s very easy. There are a variety of videos on the internet that show different cup folds and tips on how to insert it. It’s similar to a tampon but also not! It sits lower than a tampon, but you still wouldn’t be able to feel it.

The first period with it, I wasn’t sure how quickly it would fill but I worked out that I can easily wear it all day, empty it at night and it still wouldn’t be full. As an Event Manager who can be on site, this is a huge benefit. I’m sometimes working 12-16 hour days so not having to worry about changing a tampon multiple times a day is a lifesaver.¬†As with a tampon you can do all the usual activities, I even went Black Water Rafting and it was fine!

I will admit that it took a couple of days to get over the “yuck” factor, if you don’t like bodily fluids then you will likely struggle with using a cup. It’s a pretty up-close look at what goes on at that time of the month.

Cleaning it is easy, Lunette sells a cleaning gel that sanitizes whilst ensuring it doesn’t degrade the cup. They also sell wipes if you need to empty it on the go and you’re in a bathroom stall.

How Much?

They usually sit around $40 per cup, you only need one and it will last for years.

If you’d like to try the Lunette cup then click here!

Since changing to a cup I would never go back to tampons. It’s so much easier, I don’t need to spend $20 a month on sanitary products, I only have to empty it twice a day in the privacy of my own bathroom and I actually feel like my period doesn’t last as long. I recommend you give it go if you’re curious!

Do you use a menstrual cup? How do you find them?


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