Women’s Best Product Review

Women’s Best are all over Instagram and sponsor a handful of my favourite fitness bloggers. I recently took advantage of the Black Friday Sale and purchased a few items.

If you are a fitness follower on Instagram it’s extremely likely that you would have seen Women’s Best products in the hands of many influencers. I myself don’t enjoy protein shakes, however, they offer a huge range of protein snacks which did interest me. I chose four different items, and they came with some extra freebies so I ended up with a decent collection!

Firstly I want to say if you’re a “clean eater” then these products aren’t for you. They do contain ingredients such as Maltitol and Maltodextrin which some people do struggle with. If these are a problem for you then I wouldn’t purchase from their range.

Secondly, the shipping takes AGES, they ship from Germany and they tend to split the consignment, so I got my crisps 10 days after I ordered and the rest 14 days after I ordered. This is an ongoing issue with Women’s Best. Plenty of people have had issues with shipping times, items not turning up and items turning up damaged. I’d say their growth has been too large for them to properly sort out their logistics.

Anyway, with those two things out of the way here’s my Women’s Best Product Review.

Womens Best Product Review

Protein Pancake Mix – Vanilla and raspberry
  • 500g jar
  • Fat 2.2g per 50ml serving
  • Carbohydrates 11.3g per 50ml serving (7.9g sugar)
  • Protein 27.6g per 50ml serving
  • Calories 188 per 50g serving
  • AUD$27.99

I love pancakes, especially on the weekend which was the main motivator for choosing these. I had actually heard some not great things about protein pancake mixes so I wasn’t really expecting much. The result was that I was pleasantly surprised! One serving is 50g with 65ml of cold water, and I got three small pancakes from this, which is 188 calories, so next time I will double it.

They were the right about of sweet for me, I had the vanilla and raspberries flavour and I ate it with some fresh raspberries. I would re-purchase this again


Womens Best Product ReviewProtein Creme – Chocolate
  • 250g jar
  • Fat 39.9g per 100g
  • Carbohydrates 31.7g per 100g (2.2g sugar)
  • Protein 21g per 100g
  • Calories 528 per 100g
  • AUD$9.99

First impression, super tasty! It tastes like Nutella, chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. However, after a second tasting, I’m not 100% sure about this product. I just ate some with strawberries and it’s not sitting great in my stomach. This is something that I had heard from other reviewers, that one of the sweeteners used in it can be upsetting for your tummy.

I doubt I’ll re-purchase this one, simply because it’s made me feel a tad unwell.


Womens Best Product Review

Protein Crisps – Salt and Vinegar
  • 25g bag
  • Fat 2.8g per bag
  • Carbohydrates 3.7g per bag (0.2g sugar)
  • Protein 11.2g per bag
  • Calories 85 per bag
  • AUD$3.99 per bag

I bought some of these but also got some free so I ended up with 5 bags in total. Oh my gosh these are AMAZING! I absolutely adore these crisps. I’ve had to ration them out so I don’t eat them all in one day. If you like salt and vinegar chips then look into buying some of these because you wouldn’t regret it. They come in other flavours too, barbeque, cheese and onion, salt and pepper, paprika and sweet chilli and sour cream.

Hopefully, in the future, they bring out a multi-pack that’s cheaper than buying by the packet! I will re-buy these though.

Womens Best Product Review
  • 80g cookie
  • Fat 10.4g per cookie
  • Carbohydrates 35.8g per cookie (26.3g of sugar)
  • Protein 19.5g per cookie
  • Calories 315 per cookie
  • AUD$3.99

I have tried protein cookies before and despised them, they always tasted like chalk and cardboard so I had low expectations for this. After a mere two bites, I deducted that there have been no advancements in the previous 4 years that have improved protein cookies.

I wouldn’t recommend these as a protein snack. The sugar content on these seems still rather high to me and the calorie content is also really high, I’d rather have 2 mini Cookie Time cookies, it’d be fewer calories and taste a lot better!


Womens Best Product ReviewPROTEIN BITES – coconut
  • 80g pack (8 bites)
  • Fat 10.4g per pack
  • Carbohydrates 13.2g per pack  (1.8g of sugar)
  • Protein 25.7g per pack
  • Calories 251 per pack (8 bites)
  • AUD$4.49

Another freebie that was included with my purchases, and on first glance looked really unappealing. However I was pleasantly surprised, the little bites were rather delicious! I’ve been having one per day put on the website it says you can eat 1-2 packs PER DAY, which seems absurd to me. I wouldn’t recommend them as a snack, they’re more of a yummy bite.

I’ve heard some bad things about the chocolate ones, but I think I will try the strawberry ones next. They also come in cookies and creme.

Womens Best Product ReviewProtein Pudding – Chocolate
  • 4 x 125g puddings
  • Fat 2.1g per pudding
  • Carbohydrates 3.1g per pudding  (0.5g of sugar)
  • Protein 13.9g per pudding
  • Calories 93 per pudding
  • AUD$14.99

I was super excited to try these, however, I was let down. They are very, very bland and don’t taste like chocolate at all. Maybe if you were feeling adventurous you could mix in something to make it taste a little better.



A real mix bag here, there are a couple of products I’d purchase again but I’d wait for a sale. Please don’t use these products regularly as a source of protein, with all the additives it’s not a great idea! I tried a different one every day so I could write this review but I’ll be sticking to trying to reach my protein intake through other means!

What are your thoughts on Women’s Best? Have you tried any of their products?

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