Body By MG – End of Week 4 Update

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I recently started the Body By MG gym guide. I’ve recently completed the first 4 weeks so I thought it was time for an update.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am a fan of Madalin Giorgetta, so I was very excited to start her new gym guide. The guide is split into weeks 1-4, 5- 8 and 9 – 12 and I recently finished the first four weeks so I wanted to write an update.

It took me two rounds to sort out my weights, by this I mean the first week I chose weights that were either too light or too heavy for some of the exercises. However, even by the end of week 4, I was still struggling with the weight for the lying leg curl. Some days it felt too heavy and others too light.

Favourite Exercises
  • The bent over row was still a favourite for this section, especially as in the last week I could step up to the 12.5kg!
  • I also loved the skull crusher, again I made quick progress with this exercise, from 4kg – 8kg over 4 weeks.
  • Deadlifts have always been one of my favourite exercises even before I started the guide. You are meant to start with dumbells in the beginning but I went straight to the bar as I’ve been using the bar previously.

I don’t want to write out exactly every exercise I did over the 4 weeks as I feel it would then essentially give you the guide for free. With that in mind, I’ve tried to outline my process the best way possible!

Monday is legs day, on average I increased my weight loads by 20%. There was one exercise that I didn’t ever increase the weight load on, and there was one bodyweight exercise so there was no progress for loading.

On the glute day, I increased my weight loads by 41%, which sounds impressive but in terms of actual weight lifted, it was still very low. A lot of this day is body weight, which also makes it hard to measure weight progress.

One of my favourite days! Chest and back, and one of my best areas of progress. The weight increase was 40%, with the biggest improvement in the bent over row and the chest press.

Friday is arms and abs day, despite this being one of my favourite days I only increased my weight loading by 30%. This is mostly due to my upper body being weaker, so progress is slower.  In three of the dumbbell exercises, I couldn’t go heavier at all, for one of them I was still only doing 2kg!

Yet there are other signs of improvement, for example, in the beginning, I could only do 20 reps per set, and I finished week 4 being able to do 40.

I haven’t lost much weight, however, that’s because my diet has been pretty awful during the four weeks. To really see results it takes more than just the workouts, you do need to have your diet under control. This is something that probably isn’t clearly emphasised to people, 80% of results will be what you put in your mouth during the 12 weeks.

Despite this, I can certainly see more muscle in my arms, back and calves. Actually this probably the most toned my calves have ever been! I also feel stronger in my upper body, this was an area that I never really dedicated much time to before because I wasn’t really sure exactly what to do.

Optional Workouts

I will admit I did none of the optional Glute Pumpers, there are two reasons for this. The first is because the guide does have a strong focus on building glute muscle (as this is obviously very popular with women currently) and I’m happy with the size of my bum so it’s not a major focus for me. The second is because they require an additional 30 minutes on top of a work out that’s already 40-50 minutes. I don’t have time in the morning to do both of the workout and the Glute Pumpers. Plus I feel it’s not sustainable for me long term to be working out for nearly an hour a half a day.

I also skipped the optional HITT workouts, again this was due to the time taken to complete the workout, I simply didn’t have enough time to add them on. I did, however, do two HITT workouts on the Thursdays which can also be a rest day. To be honest, 4-5 workouts a week is the perfect amount for me, if it requires too much time then I’m unlikely to continue.

Weeks 5 -9

I have already started week 5, and it is good to be doing more new exercises. This section has no rest days during the week, Thursday is now a strength day which is short so I can also add in 15 minute HITT workout and still make it to work on time!

I’ll do another full update on this after I’ve finished the 4 weeks.

I would recommend this guide to absolutely anyone and everyone who enjoys lifting weights and wants a new challenge! I’m really enjoying it, and some of the other girls in the FB Support Group have made some fantastic progress! If you’d like to check out the guide then visit Madalin’s website.

Have you checked out the Body By MG guide?


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  1. You could literally spend 5 minutes on Google and find a better guide for free. It’s $50 and Madalin has only been involved with fitness for <3 years (oh I forgot she has a PT degree, because they're so hard to get nowadays – pay $1500 and you anyone can have one in 8 weeks).

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