Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

I thought I would kick off this year’s gift guide series with a focus on gifts that can help us consume less in our every day lives.

It’s becoming easier and easier to be more sustainable in our every-day lives. There’s little excuse anymore for not making little changes which could make a huge difference. Here are four of my picks for an Eco-Friendly Gift Giving season!

Keep Cup

Eco Friendly Gift GuidePerfect for the daily coffee addict, Cup Cups can be personalised in a variety of different sizes and colours. Lots of cafes now offer a discount for people who bring in their own cups, so help the environment and save some money! They can be put in the dishwasher and you can purchase replaceable parts should you need them. Plus they have very pocket-friendly pricing, starting from NZ$12 for a plastic one or NZ$18 for a glass one.


Check them out here.


Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Books aren’t just expensive, they also take up a lot of space. Save money, shelf space and trees by gifting a Kindle. Plus lots of public libraries now offer ebooks for Kindles. They start at around NZ$130 for a basic model.








Re-usable straws

Eco Friendly Gift GuideWe use around 500 million straws A DAY, and these are mainly used once and then ditched. They end up in the oceans doing endless amounts of damage. These chic steel straws are the perfect alternative. They come in a pack of four, and you can get different sizes and thicknesses for cocktails, drinks and smoothies! Plus they come with cleaning brushes.

You can purchase them from Caliwoods with different types priced from NZ$18.90







Tea Leaves and Strainers

Eco Friendly Gift GuideEco Friendly Gift GuideAs a tea lover myself, it broke my heart recently to find out that tea bags are really bad for the environment. However, I am also a fan of loose leaf tea, and it gives me the perfect excuse to buy a beautiful teapot! Gift the tea addict in your life one of these sleek Storm and India teapots, and pair it with a tin of their beautiful tea.

This 800ml teapot is NZ$69 with the tea tins from NZ$40.





Are you trying to be more eco-friendly this Christmas? What’s your favourite gift?



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