Body By MG Initial Thoughts

I am a huge fan of Madalin Giorgetta and have been following her on Instagram for well over a year now. Recently she released her first ever fitness program and last week I decided to buy it. This post is about my initial thoughts on Body By Mg.

Who is Madalin Gioretta

Madalin is a Perth based fitness influencer who is a former BBG girl. For those who don’t know what BBG is, it’s the wildly popular and famous Bikini Body Guide by Kaya Itsines. However she then switched to a more weights based fitness regime because she wanted to build up muscle. She’s a qualified personal trainer and prouds herself on encouraging people to eat more to reach their fitness goals.

I recently featured Madalin in my post, Four Favourite Fitness Bloggers which you can read here.

You can follow Madalin on Instagram here.

What is Body By MG?

Body By MG Initial ThoughtsA 12-week fitness program that Madalin has created herself, there is a gym based option and a home work out based option so there is something for everyone! It’s prominently weights based as Madalin herself is a reformed cardio bunny who prefers a weights routine. I think it’s fantastic that she offers two options, as a lot of people can be put off by the gym or can’t afford a membership, so a home-based program is perfect for them. I purchased the gym based program as I was already attending the gym and my house is the size of a cupboard so there is literally no room to work out!

The program is in PDF form and contains a variety of workouts for legs, butt, back, shoulders, arms and abs. It’s broken into weeks 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 so you do the same program for 4 weeks and then change. She also has some glute pumper exercises that you can add onto the end of a workout or HITT sessions. The exercises have photos and step-by-step instructions so you can’t really go wrong. The workouts take around 40 minutes to complete without the HITT or pumpers.

Ok so how much does it cost?

I paid $64 NZ dollars which I was more than happy to pay. I also had to purchase two exercise bands as some workouts require them. Madalin recommends two from Amazon but as I live in New Zealand I found that too expensive. I bought mine from Rebel Sport.

Week One

Work out days are Mon-Wed and then Friday, so rest on Thursday and the weekend, yay! However, you can do optional HITT on Thursday which I skipped this week and then regretted.

Week one starts off with a leg work out,  I actually didn’t find this one too challenging as I have been doing a lot of lower body work already. However I did notice soreness the next day so clearly, I was working my muscles differently which is great. It’s made up of one exercise and then three lots of supersets, this was new to me but I enjoyed the challenge. It took around 40 – 50 minutes including warm up and stretching.

Fav Exercise: Leg curl, because I get to lie down but it’s also hard work!

Tuesday was a glute workout and was the first chance to use my new resistance band! Most of today was resistance band work which I enjoyed a lot as I have never really used one before. However I really didn’t like the cable machine kickbacks or hip abductions, I felt like I was doing them wrong constantly.

Fav Exercise: All of the resistance band ones!

Wednesday switched to upper body, chest and back. This is where I realised that I have zero upper body strength! In the past I could bust out 10 chin-ups with no band easily, seems times have changed. Even with a resistance band to help, I could only manage to pull myself up maybe one cm? I looked like a little hanging monkey trying to pretend that I knew exactly what I was doing. I really enjoyed the new challenge of a complete upper body workout.

Fav Exercise: Bent over row, never done it before but a great way to feel the burn!

Finally, we come to Friday arms and abs day. After learning from my mistakes I used an assisted chin-up machine this time, which allowed me to complete the entire movement. I liked all of this workout and even today (Monday) I am still feeling the soreness in my abs!

Fav Exercise: Reverse bicep curl and skull crusher, never done these before but liked the new challenge.

End of week one

It’s only been one week but I am really enjoying the Body My MG program so far. I was in a total gym slump before and this has given me inspiration and got me motivated again! I also am enjoying the FB support group for the guide. The girls are really encouraging and offer some good advice (like when I got stuck doing chin-ups!) I really recommend checking out Body By MG if you enjoy weight based training and are looking for a new challenge. UPDATE: check out my final review.

If you’re interested you can check out Madalin’s blog and purchase the guide from her website.

What do you prefer at the gym? Weights or cardio? Do you follow any fitness influencers? 


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