Fit By 30: Building Strength

I’m now 3 months into my Fit By 30 goal and I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever been. ¬†Yet I still can’t stop eating ALL OF THE FOOD.

My partner suggested I tried a different routine for the gym. Usually when most people work out we use the same weight levels until we feel stronger to go up to a heavier weight. Which is what I’ve been doing ever since I ever started working out over 10 years ago. However he recommends the following, one week of light weights, one week of medium weight and two weeks of very heavy weights. At first it felt very strange, the light week feels like you’re doing nothing! By the time you reach your heavy week though you are more than ready for the light week to come back around.

The result of this was that I made an impressive gain with my dead lift personal best. I improved by 10kg this month, previous months were 5kg increases. I can nearly dead lift my body weight.

My main weakness is still the food aspect, to get the atheistic I want I do need to lose some fat. I’m not overweight by any means, however if there is fat covering muscles then you wouldn’t look toned. I do love food though, and I have the habit on constantly grazing which is detrimental. I know what should be doing, I even posted a blog post about it! Writing about something and knowing what you should be doing is very different to actually doing it.


Weight: 61.8kg

Number of work out days: 15

Next month I will post a photo for you.

Loving This Month
  • Hit an incredible four new personal bests! 55kg on dead lift, 30kg on chest press, 10kg on dumbell row and 6kg on tricep fly.
  • After Dry July, being able to enjoy a wine or three.
  • I new routine.
Not Loving This Month
  • I’ve felt extremely tired this month, sometimes even turning off my alarm in my sleep.
  • All the washing! 99% of my washing is now gym gear.
  • Being hungry ALL THE TIME.



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