My Depression Journey – Update

The latest update on my depression journery. Some positive news!

My regular blog readers will know that I have been very open with every step of my depression journey. From my first series about how I ended up here to my blog posts on how I deal with it. Recently I went back to my GP to formulate a plan for lowering my dosage. As I’m feeling better, I felt it was time for a blog post on where I am at.

The last time I lowered my dose was in November 2016. I’d started a new job and things in my life were going well so my doctor took me off the seroquel. However I stayed  on 15mg of escitalopram. We did initially discuss lowering this in March 2017 but had a lot of work on during that time and wanted to ensure I was feeling good mentally.

Fast forward and I now feel like I’m in a good place. I am exercising regularly, I’m in a job I love and I’ve moved to a new area with my boyfriend. Things are great! My GP was more than happy to lower the dose, in fact she thinks that by March 2018 I could be anti depressant free.

I will admit this shocked me a little, however she gave me a clear plan on how to go about it. For the next three months I’ll take 10mg daily. Then in November I’ll take 5mg daily for one month. From then I’ll 5 mg every 2nd day for 2 weeks. Finally every 3rd day for two weeks. As I learnt the hard way simply stopping medication is a bad idea. Not only is the withdrawal hell on earth it’s also very dangerous.

The plan can be changed, if at any time I feel like I’m not responding well I can go back a step. I don’t want to rush anything. It is exciting to know that an end is in sight, it’s been over three years to get to this point.

Of course in a way it’s not an end, a relapse is always a possibility in the future. However these days I feel  better equipped to nip it in the bud quickly.

Please remember that if you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or any mental illness please seek medical assistance. Your GP is always a great place to start.



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  1. Hey, this is great news for you!
    My daughter is starting a blog with me about her ADHD and you sharing your story will help us tell ours.

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