August Lust List


It’s cold, it’s raining and we need to look at some pretty things to distract us from winter. Here’s my latest collection of lovely things, the August Lust List! Full disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links.

  1. Too Faced Peach Glow Highlighting Palette 2. TopShop Side Lace Mini Skirt 3. NutriBullet 4. The Dry 5. Prada Feather Block Heel

Yes it’s two months in a row with a Too Faced product. Sorry not sorry. Mecca Maxima just opened across the road from my work so of course I have my eye on this. I am trying to be more responsible with money though, SO I am waiting until my current peach coloured blush runs out (furiously applies peach blush every single day). Of course it’s cruelty free AND it smells like peaches! At nearly 30 am I too old for a cutesy palette that smells like fruit? Hmmmm, don’t care.

TopShop Side Lace Mini Skirt

This started creeping into my Pinterest feed and now it’s actually in my local Topshop. This NEVER happens, in NZ we only ever get limited stock! I haven’t been able to wear a mini skirt in forever but that’s changing, so I really would love this skirt for summer festival season.

NutriBullet 1000W

Just like in June with that blue shirt, I actually already own this as of yesterday. My lovely work mate and friend bought one and she made hummus in it and that’s literally all it took to convert me. I am NOT a smoothie fan but I am a recently converted juice fan and I do like being able to make things like pesto, hummus and soup in it.

The Dry

This book has been on so many must read lists. Jane Harper is a debut Australian writer who has penned this thriller set in the Australian Outback. You know me, I can’t resist a good mystery book. The good news is that there is a second book, Force of Nature! Yay!

Luxury Lust Item – Prada Feather Block Heel Sandal

How fun is this shoe!? I’d look like some sort of squat bird with feathered feet in them (only 5ft 4 on a good day) but they’re so fun looking. They come in a variety of styles and colours too.

Here’s some cheaper alternatives if you love the look but not the price tag.

What’s your favourite item on the August Lust List? What items are you currently lusting after?


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