Fit By 30 – July Update

I’m now two months into my Fit By 30 goal and this month I gave it a really big push!

As I am turning 30 next year I really wanted to do something to kick start off the new decade on the right foot. You can read more about this here and also read June’s update here.

June was not so fantastic, a lot of work commitments and a trip to Melbourne meant lots for food and wine. July was looking easier in terms of work and social life, so I knew this month I’d be able to give it a huge nudge.

First up I committed to Dry July, which meant no alcohol for the whole month. I also managed to raise some money for cancer charities in New Zealand so it was totally worth it. I actually found it a lot easier than I expected. Anyone that knows me, knows I love a cheeky glass of wine (or 3), so I was half expecting to be missing it. However I didn’t really, there were only a handful of times when I wanted a drink, and that was a beer after gardening all weekend and after moving house.

My gym work this month was awesome. I managed to work out 19 days out of 31 which is actually a record for me. I even hit a new personal best on the dead lift of 45kg so I am building some great strength.

I am also seeing some changes in my body, I can see and feel my muscles starting to peek through under the skin. Weight wise I have only lost 100 grams this month, BUT I do looked a lot more toned and I feel stronger so this doesn’t worry me.


Weight: 62.1kg

Number of Workout Days: 19!

September I’ll share a photo!

Loving This Month
  • Another personal best on the dead lift of 45kg!
  • HIIT on the bike, makes time go faster than normal pedaling.
  • My shoulder has improved, no more pain.
Not Loving This Month
  • Having to change gyms because I moved areas, I get anxious about not knowing where things are.
  • 5am wake ups, it never gets easier.
  • The cold mornings with frosty windscreens.

Check out some of my favourite workout pants. I love a longer leg and neutral colours.

How are your fitness goals coming along? What do you like to do in the winter too keep fit?




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