My Four Favourite Fitness Bloggers

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, it seems everywhere you look these days you’re surrounded by fitness bloggers. Names like Kayla Itsines and Ashy Bines are house hold names, and in gyms all around the world you’ll see women using their fitness programs. I myself  follow a small group of fitness bloggers, and here are my four favourite fitness bloggers.

If you a regular reader you’ll know about my own goals to be Fit By 30. These fitness bloggers are a key part of my motivation factor, with videos, informational posts or sometimes just selfies.  I find these four to be the ones that I connect with on a personal level.

madalin giorgetta
Fitness Blogger |
Image c/o Madalin Gioretta

Instagram: madalingiorgetta


A former BBG girl, now turned weight fanatic. Earlier this year she swapped to weight training rather than just BBG. Her honesty is super refreshing, explaining how she went from only ever working out at home to learning to use the machines in a gym. Something that many women can find intimidating. She started documenting her progress back when she was eating a mere 800 calories a day. Now as a heavy lifter, she eats around 2,300 calories to reach her fitness goals. Madalin also posts short videos or posts about form and suggestions for other exercises which I personally find very handy.

Madalin also recently qualified as a personal trainer, and has started her own training program which sold out pretty much instantly!

Tammy Hembrow
My Four Favorite Fitness Bloggers |
image c/o Tammy Hembrow

Instagram: tammyhembrow


Tammy is one of the most popular and well-known fitness bloggers in the world.  This Aussie mother of two has one of the best butt’s in the business. She’s one of the most open and honest fitness mentors on Instagram. Tammy has documented both of her pregnancies on Instagram and works to inspire mums that they can look just as good if not even better post baby.

Tammy has her own training programs based around your butt (obviously!)  Plus she has a pregnancy program, a home based program  AND A nutrition plan!




Lucy Mountain
Fitness Blogger |
Image c/o The Fitness Foodie

Instagram: thefashionfitnessfoodie


Lucy is from the UK and the main reason I enjoy following her is because she keeps it real about calories!  I have no desire to cut out entire food groups from my diet, so it’s refreshing to find a fitness blogger who eats a regular diet. She dispels myths on carbs, calories and more in simple, easy to understand photos.

Sam Anne
Fitness Blogger |
Image c/o Sam Anne Fit


Another fitness blogger who also is very good at helping people understand basic nutrition. One of my favourite posts from her shows that an apple has more carbs than bread. Anne loves to do a good food prep post, nothing like perfectly lined up meals to inspire you! She likes to answer fitness and nutrition questions like why she uses a food scale, and if stretching helps with DOMS. I find her both informative and motivating.




Do you follow any of these ladies? What fitness bloggers do you follow?

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