10 Benefits of Taking a Break from Booze

I do enjoy a good glass or three of wine but it’s also good to understand what it does to your body. As I’m doing Dry July I thought it’d be a good time to look at the 10 benefits of taking a break from booze.

I recently signed up to do Dry July, if you’re unfamiliar with Dry July it’s a cancer fundraising challenge for people to abstain from drinking for the month of July. You get your friends and family to sponsor you and all the proceeds go to a variety of New Zealand cancer charities. If you’d like to donate you can do so by clicking here! 

New Zealand has a strong drinking culture and I myself do drink regularly. Whilst my big nights out are now few are far between these days I still love a good few glasses of wine. As an Event Manager, I’m involved in entertaining which means WINE! Whilst I don’t worry about my drinking, I do find myself simply having a drink because it’s there. My lack of self control was really starting to get in the way of my fitness goals so I thought Dry July would be a great way to get my goals back on track.

Of course it’s a great subject to blog about too, so here are 10 benefits of taking a break from booze.

10 benefits of taking a break from booze


Weight loss

Alcohol is full of empty calories as it’s mostly sugar. This isn’t providing your body with any nutrition but it is making you put on weight. Even by cutting your drinking during the week you’ll be consuming less calories which equals weight loss.

Save money

A night out can be very expensive! $12 glasses of wine or $20 cocktails, it all adds up. Decreasing your drinking will save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Sleep Better

You may think that you fall asleep easier but your quality of sleep is dramatically decreased when alcohol is involved. Research suggests it interferes with the deep sleep stage which then leaves you feeling sluggish and tired the next day.

Feel Better

Alcohol is a depressive, and if you suffer from depression like me it makes things worse in the long run. My partner even mentioned to me that since I’d stopped hanging out with a friend who is a big drinker, he’s noticed that my overall mood is a lot more stable. Alcohol effects how the body deals with stress, so grabbing a glass of wine to de-stress actually makes it worse.

Look Better

Alcohol isn’t fantastic for the skin. By taking a break you’ll notice the dark circles will disappear and your skin will look clearer. I personally find when I’ve had too many days in a row of drinks my skin goes puffy and my cheeks get red.

Be More Productive

No more hungover days stuck inside watching movies! I’m always amazing at what I can achieve in the weekends when I’m not tired from the previous nights drinking.

Your liver will love you

Your poor liver has to work in overdrive when it comes to alcohol. When alcohol reaches the liver, it produces a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde. A continual build up of actaldehyde can damage liver cells and cause permanent scarring. Thankfully if you start to treat your liver with some love it will heal itself! However you need to be mindful of your drinking in the long term. Even people who aren’t classified as alcoholics can be doing damage to their liver without realising.

More Energy

I find these days a few drinks puts me to sleep. This means when I’m out and about with friends I’m exhausted after two wines and slope off home. Not great for my social life! By switching to non-alcoholic drinks you’ll find you have more energy which means more time with the people you love!

Decrease Your Cancer Risk

Alcohol can be a associated with many different types of cancers. By stopping or reducing your intake you can help limit your risk factor of developing breast, mouth, throat or liver.

You’ll Be Fitter

My partner recently told me that drinking means that my gym work would suffer. This is because it effects your ability to repair and build muscle. Even though you may work off the calories, it could be getting in the way of your fitness goals!

These are only 10 benefits of taking a break from booze. There are multiple health and social benefits to cutting back on alcohol. Whilst it can still play a role in your life, it’s something that should be enjoyed in moderation.

Are you doing Dry July? Have you ever given up alcohol for a period of time or even for good?

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