Fit By 30 – June Update

At the beginning of June I mentioned my intentions to get Fit By 30, one month in here’s my first post on my progress, the Fit By 30 June Update.

My self discipline is limited, I always admire people who can remain 100% committed to their health or fitness goals. I say I’m 80/20, 80% strict with 20% flexibility but in reality I’m more a 60/40. I’m great when I’m in a stead fast routine, but any variation to that and I find myself making excuses.

What do I mean by this? At the start of June I attended a work conference, I’m an Event Manager so our conferences are focused on entertainment. This means a lot of beautiful and high quality food and alcohol. Of course despite having a goal, I can’t say no, and then the long days at the conference are a good excuse for me to skip the gym. All in all, not a great beginning to June!

However after this I was back on track, hitting the gym three times a week lifting weights. I stocked up on snacks like carrots, apples and almonds for work, kept the freezer and fridge full of vegetables and meat. It paid off, my tummy was already a little flatter! In the gym I hit a personal best of 40kg in a deadlift!

Then at the end of June I went to Melbourne, I had good intentions but being out of routine celebrating with friends meant my resolve quickly melted. I did manage one workout and did a lot of walking but again it’s easier to say “I’m on holiday!”

Despite this I ended the month not too badly, I’m happy with my personal best in the deadlift and the damage done in Melbourne was limited. Whilst I haven’t made as much progress as I could of, I feel I’m still on track long term to be Fit By 30.


Weight: 62.2kg

Number of workout days: 11

No photo this month, it’ll take around three months to see any real changes so you’ll have to wait until September!

Loving This Month

  • New gym gear – to help motivate me to hit the gym.
  • Hiking! Such a great sneaky way to add in some exercise whilst catching up with friends and geocaching.
  • Hitting a personal best with my dead lifts of 40kg, feeling strong!

Not Loving This Month

  • I’ve injured my shoulder and wrist which means I’m limited on some gym work. On the plus side the rehab can be done at the gym so I incorporate it into my workout. Turns out I have very weak shoulders so the rehab movements become a workout in themselves!
  • Eggs! For some reason I’ve gone right off them 🙁

How are your fitness goals going? Do you have any lifestyle changes that you’re committed to?


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