Fit By 30 Part One

I have a love hate relationship with exercise, generally I work out for a few months then when I look good I stop and then a few months later I start the process all over again. As I end my twenties I’d like to make exercise more of a habit and less of an on/off routine. To hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to publish my goals on my blog!

A few years ago a friend of a friend posted how he’d made the decision to enter his 30s fit and healthy rather than continuing on his current route. This idea stuck in my mind especially as so many people have negative feelings towards moving into a new decade. Personally I’m excited about turning 30, and I think this is a good time to do a “health check” to create or re-new healthy habits so that going into my 4th decade I am starting on the right foot.

I’ll be posting updates and progress on my blog to keep me accountable, these will include monthly goals, reviewing the previous month and of course photos. Please be aware that I am not a health professional or a personal trainer, my methods might not suit you and I recommend you do what is right for you. With that being said, let’s get started!

My Goals

I don’t have a weight goal in mind, to be honest my goal is to simply be toned and strong. I did originally have a goal to run a 6km race in November however ongoing problems with my legs have likely put a stop to that.

My Tools

I’ll be using My Fitness Pal to keep an eye on my food intake (I hugely OVER estimate how much I eat if left unchecked) and to keep me balanced. I have used MFP in the past very successfully, for those who don’t know what it is, MFP is a calorie counting app. It’s based on the scientific principal that weight loss, maintenance or gain is achieved through the amount of calories consumed per day. I like it because it allows me to eat whatever I want, it’s non restrictive as personally I don’t believe in cutting out food groups from your diet (unless you have a health reason such as intolerance or allergy).

I also use Nike Training Club for workouts, this free app has dozens of workouts that you can use. It has options around intensity, what you want to focus on, workout lengths and types of equipment. I highly recommend it if you’re stuck in a gym rut!

Here’s one I get mixed opinions on, I weigh myself I track my weight in a spreadsheet and even out per week and per month to see which way I’m trending. Lots of people find this bizarre or “dangerous” however I find it’s given me a better understanding of fluctuations such as water, bloating and over indulgence.

This blog! I plan on using it to keep me accountable!

My Plan

3-4 work outs a week using Nike Training Club and also lifting weights. I usually do a mix of free weights and machines (I get bored easily). I keep a record of every work out in my gym book. I’ve been focused more on lifting heavy with dead lifts and squats, early last year I was doing body weight squats only and can now do around 25 – 30kg. My deadlift however I am at 40kg which I am pleased with!

Squats I had to work slowly with as I had issues with my quads firing and my glutes doing nothing. I had to re-train the glutes (through physio exercises) to wake them up and once I understood the difference it was like a light bulb going off. Once that happened I was able to progress to heavier weights, I do find though that I lose strength in the glutes very quickly so have struggled with squats.

Currently in love with dead lifts though! I only started these early this year as I wasn’t sure how to do them, my boyfriend showed me and since then they’re consistently my favourite exercise. I started at 20kg and I’m now doing 40kg, I find I gain strength very quickly with these and I noticed swift progress. I mix these up with sumo deadlifts which target a slightly different muscle group from the normal deadlift.

I was doing chest press however I’ve had a shoulder niggle which has turned into a wrist issue so I’ve been told no chest or bench press. Instead I do seated rows and lat pull downs alongside physio exercises. My upper body takes forever to gain any strength, but that’s common for females so doesn’t really bother me.

I use machines such as the leg curl and leg press to add variation in the routine, also I find lunges good and weighted step ups for really working up a sweat. For a different challenge and to really get sweaty I use the Nike Training Club app, I find it gives me new things to try and pushes me.

What apps do you use to work out? Are you currently on a fitness journey?

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  1. This is great! I am currently working on fitting in more cardio to my schedule and once I ha e that mastered I am going to move to strength training! Thank you for the inspiration

  2. Love this! Good luck! I currently use the Nike+ app to track my running routes/times. I love that. I also have a FitBit and use that app to keep track of how many steps I do in a day. Lastly, I am also a huge believe in BeachBody. Their workouts and nutrition programs (I use that term loosely as it really just teaches you healthy foods and correct portion sizes) are a huge factor in my successes. I lost 15 lbs after the birth of my daughter (have about 10 to go!) and I completely owe it to signing up with them. Mostly, I just like it because it helps keep you accountable. Anyways, hope those suggestions help!

  3. Good luck on your journey! I totally relate to “work out for a few months then when I look good I stop and then a few months later…”. I’ve not hit the gym for quite awhile now and I hope to resume soon. All the best!

    1. Yay! Thanks for your lovely comment! I must admit at 5:30am this morning when I really wanted to sleep in I thought “Nope, you gotta get up because you blogged about it”

  4. You looks great! But it´s important to exercise regulary. I turned 30 last year and I can see how my body chages with the age

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