Chapter: March & April Book Reviews

The book reviews are back! If you are looking for a great new read then check out my Chapter: March & April Book Reviews to find something that will tickle your fancy!

The Girl Before – J. P. Delaney
Chapter: March & April Book Reviews |
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If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have a bit of an obsession with mystery thrillers and can’t help but devour them as soon as I see a new one hit the shelves. They can be a bit hit and miss, I’m annoyed when I can guess the ending, but not with this one! It kept me hooked from the beginning and I had no idea where it was going which of course kept me reading.

The basic story is a woman moves into an architecturally designed apartment in London, it’s not only stunning but also very high tech and the tenant must live by a set of rules. However she soon learns that the woman who lived there before her died in mysterious circumstances. Her life in the house begins to mirror the girl who lived there before, will she meet the same fate?

I was completely drawn into this book, I loved the dual story lines running parallel, although at times I did find each of the women rather irritating. The premise of our homes measuring our health was a nice touch, especially as we’re very close to living in smart homes that will monitor our behaviors and provide feedback. Although in this book it has a bit of a sinister undertone which could serve as a warning perhaps.

If you enjoyed Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train then you’ll also enjoy this. I’ve been recommending this one to people left, right and centre.


The Girl In Times Square – Paullina Simons
Chapter: March & April Book Reviews |
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I’m late to the party on this one, the reason I read this is I’m trying to cut expenses so I’ve been borrowing from my flatmate’s shelves. This is one of those books that takes you on a total journey which I do enjoy because I feel you get more emotionally invested.

Lilly is broke and lost but then one day her room mate disappears, in the coming weeks and months Lilly’s life takes many twists and turns. From fighting for her life, to falling in love and everything in between. However she still searches for the truth of what happened to her friend.

Whilst I did enjoy this book I also found all of the characters annoying at times, but then is this a sign of a good author because they’re able to make the characters really come alive? I did feel that some parts really dragged out, and at one point it felt like the whole premise of her friend’s murder was simply forgotten and we’d never find out what happened. Depsite this I’d still read another book by Paulina Simmons.





The Woman In Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware
Chapter: March & April Book Reviews |
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This was one of those really hyped books that you see everywhere and as it’s a thriller I of course bought it and read it within two days. Once again, very excited that it wasn’t a predictable ending, in fact it required a lot of imagination to come up with which I appreciated.

After a bad scare in her apartment a travel journalist gets the chance of a life time to join a group of millionaires on a private yacht cruise in the Scandinavian sea. However on the first night she witnesses a murder, yet no one believes her and no one on the ship is technically missing. In the aftermath she begins to fear for her own life with no one to protect her.

I loved this book and it’s currently doing the rounds among the workmates!


Three Sisters, Three Queens – Phillipa Gregory
Chapter: March & April Book Reviews |
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I love Phillipa Gregory and I love the Tudors so of course I’ll being saying nothing but nice things about her latest book. Three Sisters, Three Queens is the story of Henry the Eight’s two sisters Margaret and Mary and his first wife Katherine of Aragon. They are all very close, despite also being rivals yet they share the bond of being Queens and under King Henry’s command.

I like that Phillippa Gregory covers the women in Henry the Eight’s life that seem like part players (the sisters in this case) in history but have their own real stories. It must of been horrible being a woman in these times, even being a Queen didn’t mean you had final rule. Where you lived, who you married, where your children went it was all dictated by the Kings and other powerful men. The women are are influencers and so have to constantly play the game to protect themselves and their families.

If you love Phillippa Gregory you really can’t go wrong with this book.


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