The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge

Is there anything better than the feeling of wearing an incredible lipstick? Most women have their favourite go-tos, one that completes your outfit perfectly or makes you feel more confident. I love lipstick but I feel like I don’t use it enough, so I decided to commit to the 7 day lipstick challenge.

Personally I always associate feeling good with wearing lipstick, and when I see a woman rocking a beautiful lipstick I always think “wow she looks so polished!” Lipstick can be a real head turner, and can also finish off your face of make up beautifully.

When preparing for this challenge I did a bit of research, I have noticed in the past when I wear lipstick it does get noticed and it does get commented on, and as I mentioned above I always have feelings of appreciation or awe of women who do wear lipstick. But why is this?

According to a survey by Covergirl, women who doll up with lippy 4 days a week feel better about themselves AND hold more senior positions at work compared to women who don’t. Additional work benefits to included being seen as more competent and reliable. Would wearing lipstick score me a promotion perhaps?!

In another survey, women who wear lipstick daily have better posture, which seems like an odd yet pleasing side effect. There is a ton of research proving that it can make you feel more confident, in control and powerful. It’s a well known fact that in times of adversity, such as during a war or downturn in the economy, lipstick sales go up because women may not be able to afford the larger luxuries but will buy lipstick to make themselves feel better.

I know I feel great when I wear lipstick, and I do get compliments from people, so what would happen if I committed to a whole seven days of lipstick?

Day One – Tuesday

The 7 Day lipstick Challenge | Serensays.comTechnically this was meant to start yesterday but as I was laid up in bed with a cold it started on the Tuesday instead. Never mind! I decided to start off with a bright bold colour, Ruby Woo from Mac. One of their classic shades I’d say, it’s a bright matt red and it literally stays on for hours even when eating and drinking.

First lesson of the week, I remember why every time I use this that it reminds me to buy the damn lip liner as honestly I am useless at lipstick application. Plus this colour looks so much better with a lip liner. Anyway, with the aid of a cotton bud and some spit it’s relatively straight now. Thankfully my lipstick loving flatmate doesn’t see me before I leave the house because she probably would of frog marched me back to the mirror and I do not have time for that. I do encounter one flatmate though, one of the males, he doesn’t mention anything but looks at me with a “something’s different but I have no idea what” face.

The workmates do notice, well the females do, the solitary male does not. One instantly remembers my lipstick challenge which is nice, overall positive comments!

The rest of the day passes with no further mentions, my boyfriend gives me a light brush of a kiss when I see him as he’s terrified of it getting on him.

Day Two – WednesdayThe 7 Day lipstick Challenge |

It’s a bloody awful day today, windy and raining so of course I go for a light pink (Mac Snob) with a coat of gloss over the top (I know, is it 2007?) because it smooths the lipstick, otherwise it goes all weird. Anyway, two steps outside into the wind and of course my newly washed hair (I was having a GREAT hair day) is glued to my lips. -sigh-

Walk into the office and no one notices it, well in all honesty it is pretty light, probably too light. Now I’m wondering if this really counts today? By midday two people have noticed, so it is visible.

I’m starting to notice I also have a standard photo selfie pose for this challenge, I don’t like to smile with my teeth very much as I feel like with my thin lips the colour disappears along with my top lip.

The 7 Day lipstick Challenge | Serensays.comDay three – Thursday

In an attempt to make this slightly more interesting and to push my own boundaries I raided my flatmates lipsticks. The result of this is that today I am wearing purple. Yes purple, Mac Heroine to be exact. I was hesitant at first, so I put it on while I got ready and I found that actually I liked it! My work mate commented that it reminded her of her first ever lipstick which was a free sample that her grandma gave her, my heart sunk momentarily until she said it was awesome. Yay!

After work I was heading to a drinks catch up with some old workmates, mostly men, so I was interested to see what they’d think of my purple lipstick. Turns out, nothing. No one even battered an eye lid which surprised me as when I worked with them they loved to point out any slight difference in my standard work appearance. Huh.

Here you can see I sort of recycled day one’s pose, with the eyebrow pop. Though I feel like this is a little less sassy than Tuesday.

Day Four – FridayThe 7 Day lipstick Challenge | Serensays

This was my one deviation from the Mac range, it’s a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and it’s Possie K. I loved this one, firstly it dries matte and STAYS ON my lips which means less reapplying and worrying about it moving. It is seriously put to the test at a high tea we have for work and doesn’t budge which is fantastic.

This colour is nice without being too overwhelming and I feel a lot more polished than with some of the other styles I’ve worn this week. It’s subtle but still

Kisses today for this selfie, you know, something different.

The 7 Day lipstick Challenge | Serensays.comDay Five Saturday

I wore two today, one during the day and a different one in the evening. Sorry about the no photo for the day, I was in a car for the majority of it and my face was mostly covered because IT WAS SO COLD! The day one was Mac Please Me, which is a matte pink that’s great for day wear.

Anyways, the boyfriend and I were away for the weekend in Tauranga and stayed at the amazing Trinity Wharf because it was our anniversary. We’re serious home bodies, we ate at the restaurant in the hotel but I still like to doll up. This is one of my favs, it’s fantastic for winter it’s Mac Viva Glam and it’s perfect for dinners or drinks out.

This selfie is a mix of pout, kiss and cocked eyebrow, advanced level.

The 7 Day lipstick Challenge | SerensaysDay Six Sunday

Today I struggled, I dislike wearing make up on a Sunday, it feels wrong to me, and even my boyfriend commented that it was weird seeing me in make up on a Sunday. Putting on bright orange lipstick before going to the supermarket seems even more ridiculous and I felt like everyone was judging me (I doubt they even noticed).

However I do really like the colour, it’s Mac Tropic Thunder and I think I’ll look at purchasing a colour like this from another brand in the summer. It worked well with my colouring but was still a lovely vivid pop!

 Day Seven – Monday

The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge | Serensays.comFinal day and in all honesty I’m a little stoked about this. The admin of constantly wearing lipstick is starting to grind on me a bit. All the cups I’ve used in the office need to be wiped down even after they’ve been in the dishwasher (sorry team).


Back to red for this, but this time it’s Mac Lady Danger and again I love this colour! It’s great for work but it’s not matte like Ruby Woo so it does end up everywhere! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to wear this colour, it’s one of Mac’s most popular and I’ve seen it on a lot of other people and thought WOW but I was cautious about the undertones with my skin. Turns out I needn’t of worried I loved it and felt it looked great on.


Final Verdict

It was an interesting week, it wasn’t noticed by people as much as I thought even bright or different colours weren’t picked up on. I did enjoy looking more polished but would still give it a break on the weekend! I was very impressed by the Kylie Jenner lipstick, I have worn her lipsticks before but don’t actually own one, I recently learnt they don’t test on animals which makes it even more attractive for me to purchase from that range.

Speaking of which, I am really disappointed that Mac do because they sell in China which still requires animal testing. I think in future to expand my collection of lipsticks I’ll restrict myself to brands that are more animal friendly. There’s a handy list here!

This experiment as made me re-consider not having lipstick in my daily work look, I felt a lot more polished and in turn confident. To keep the life admin low I’ll stick to longwear mattes! However weekends will be back to make up free.



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  1. A great read Trish! You’ve encouraged me to pull out my lipstick range & start wearing them in the office again too ?

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