One Year With You

For you x in celebration of us

One year ago today I met you, you were sitting at a table near the front door (as you’d outlined in your text) at a dumpling restaurant in Britomart. You were wearing a black t-shirt and I remember feeling a little jolt as our eyes met and somehow I just knew. We hit it off immediately, ordering far too many dumplings and burning our mouths whilst pretending to be cool.

When Louis automatically fell in love with you I knew you were a keeper, that cat hates everyone. You’re still his favourtie human and you’ve never even fed him. When we lie in bed and he slips in between us it feels like everything is right in the world.


As a home body it was cool to find my home boy, someone who could juggle laptop work (me: blog you: PHD) with Netflix marathons. Who was happy eating whatever recipe I was trying, even when it didn’t quite work out. I cook but you take me out, and don’t even mind when I take a hundred of photos of the food before I let you touch it.

Weekends also mean gym time (although lately that’s not true), you helped me perfect my squat and taught me how to dead lift. I don’t think I ever told you, but these things seemed impossible to me until you stepped in. Your words, “challenge yourself” still pop into my head every time I pick up a weight, you motivate me to keep going. I marvel at your strength, for you it seems ordinary but for me it leaves me breathless and slightly intimidated.

You have incredible mental strength too, your past sporting history combined with your steadfast commitment to your studies is a tribute to this. Thankfully you also have buckets of patience, because you need it to deal with Louis me. Let’s not even start with the intelligence, more than one person has told me that you are one of the smartest people they know and I can wholeheartedly agree. But you are humble too, so these statements make you squirm when I say them. The cherry on the top is of course that you are so damn handsome.

I am one lucky girl x



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