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I’m very lucky to be blessed with lovely skin which can be attributed to my Mother and Grandmother, however at the beginning of this year I felt it could use a professional check up to ensure that as I aged I was looking after it. In January I went along to The Face Place in Britomart for a free consultation and to be prescribed a skincare routine. In this post I go through each step of my skincare routine.

The Consultation

I saw Irina Ginzburg at The Face Place clinic in Britomart, Auckland. The reason I chose this place was because I knew it had received a lot of rewards and I’d read a lot of articles in magazines and online over a period of a few years so they were stuck in my brain. The first consultation usually costs $150, but as I bought products on the day this was waived.

When I first arrived you fill out a form that covers what your skin concerns are, what you’d like to achieve and information on medications or conditions. My consultant then used this to refer back to during the appointment, she also took photos under different lights including a UV light to show the different layers of my skin which I found very interesting. Luckily my results were rather good! I have great skin for my age, and at this stage I didn’t require any treatments, just a good skincare routine was all I needed. I really liked that Irina didn’t try and sell me expensive treatments that I didn’t need, in fact she didn’t even mention them.

Next she showed me the products she recommended for my skin including two little added extras that I ended up buying as well because I could see the benefits of them.

The Products

Most of the products she prescribed were by Aspect Doctor which are outlined below.

Deep Facial Cleanser

My Skincare Routine |


Despite being described as a deep facial cleanser this wonderfully gentle yet has enough grunt to remove all your makeup in one wipe.

Active C SerumMy Skincare Routine |

This one is what I like to call the work horse as it’s job is to fight the nasties in the air. The pollution, sun and that dreaded air conditioning.


Exfol A Plus SerumMy Skincare Routine |

This one is a skincare MUST HAVE, seriously, this serum contains retinol, which is one of the holy grail ingredients for skincare but also is rather strong. Products with retinol in them can only be prescribed, you can buy some retinol products in the supermarket or pharmacy but the levels are so low they aren’t worth bothering with. It’s not something you want to trial and error, I highly recommend you see a skin specialist and let them assess and decide if it’s right for you.

Irina then wrote out the instructions, which included how to integrate the retinol serum into the routine as you can’t simply start using it every other day. I’m glad she did as I felt very overwhelmed!

Resveratrol moisturizerMy Skincare Routine |


This moisturizer is very different to what I was using before, it’s very, very light and previously I was using a heavy cream because I assumed the thicker the cream the deeper moisturization? I don’t think that’s a word but hey.

Anyway, turns out I was wrong!

Environ Vita-Peptide Eye Gel

My Skincare Routine | Serensays.comThe secret weapon eye cream, honestly ladies this thing is a miracle in a teenny, tiny bottle. (That lasts FOREVER)






Aspect Doctor Fruit Enzyme MaskMy Skincare Routine |

This fruit mask is the best and weirdest thing I have ever had the pleasure to use. It’s a gel substance, and as it rubs into your skin the dead skin cells start to bundle and peel off. It’s bizarre to watch but oddly satisfying. This is a weekly product, usually a Sunday night.





The Routine
  1. In the morning I cleanse my face, using warm water and a new fresh face cloth. I pump a small amount of the Deep Facial Cleanser into my hands and apply directly onto my face. You never rub the product together in your hands, you always apply straight to the face. With this cleanser, a little goes along way, so you don’t need much, only one small pump.
  2.  Next I apply the eye cream, , I only need about half a pump for both eyes. You dab it on using your ring finger.
  3. One pump of the Active C serum is enough for your entire face, again as with the cleanser pump this into your hands and apply directly, do not rub it in your hands first!
  4. Finally I use the Resveratol Moisturizer on my face neck and top of my chest.

Once it’s all completed and I’ve put on my make up, I then spray on the Cosmedix sunscreen, yes that’s right I put on sun screen AFTER my make up. This product is AMAZING, you can re-apply it multiple times a day by just spraying it on your face over your make up.

  1. Yep we’re cleansing again! This time TWICE if we’re wearing make up. You can use the same face cloth from the morning but then put it in the hamper to be cleaned.
  2. Every other day I use the Exfol A Plus Serum which you apply like the Active C serum.
  3. Then the Resveratol Moisturizer again on your face, neck and upper chest and you are done!

Once a week I use the Fruit Enzyme mask,

The Key Learnings

I did learn a lot from my one hour session, so here are my top key learnings.

  • Cleanse twice at night if you are wearing make up, once to remove the make up, the second time to clean the skin
  • Use a fresh facecloth each morning
  • Even on cloudy or rainy days you still need sunscreen, in fact you need it more than on sunny days
  • Never, ever use a scrub on your face, instead use an acid exfoliator like the Fruit Enzyme one she recommended
  • You only need to exfoliate once a week
  • Don’t wash your face in the shower
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