8 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to 30

This year I turned 29 and I am 10 months away from moving into being a thirty-something. A lot of people tend to freak out at the thought of turning 30, you hear a lot of “argh I’m sooo old” but what’s so terrible about getting older? On the flipside I’ve also heard a lot of people say that their thirties were the best years of their life. For me personally I am looking forward to it, and here are 8 reasons I’m looking forward to 30.

 More Confidence

During my 20s I suffered a huge lose of confidence, after a bad break up, losing by job and having to move houses around three times in six months I was left broken and bruised. When I made it through the hardest part was re-building my confidence, I never felt good enough especially at work. I really struggled in large social situations I wasn’t sure what to say, and I worried that people wouldn’t like me. However once I addressed my issues I can say I have a lot more confidence now that when I was 25, the result is I feel a lot more peaceful.

I still have moments where I lose confidence, but I am looking forward to my 30s as I feel this new found confidence founded in my experiences of my 20s will simply continue to grow.

More Money

Most of my friends have been fortunate enough to have regular salary increases in their 20s, I however have been on the same salary since I was 26. In a nutshell this is due to my lack of negotiation skills, and changing my career, I’m still happy and grateful though and very impressed with my friends hard work. The thirties are the earning powerhouse, your career is established, you’re more skilled and confident and the result is more money.

I learnt a lot in my 20s about money management, and recognized (a bit too late) that the discipline is my real problem! I’m taking these lessons into my 30s to ensure a more financially easier life.

Better Decisions

All the lessons learnt in the 20s do have a point to them, as you get older you get better at making decisions. By this I mean you have a clearer understanding of what you want, thinking ahead to the consequences of that decision and you develop more of a sense of what a good decision for you is. Personally I’ve been pretty good at making larger life decisions, but I really lacked in the smaller every day decisions due to my series lack of discipline in certain areas (money and food).

Life Begins to Calm

Your 20s are spent in a haze of flatting, traveling, moving cities or even countries, you may still do this in your 30s but generally it’s the decade that you start to settle down and find home. Perhaps that’s buying your first home, or being able to afford to live alone and then all the fun of decorating and furnishing your new found nest the way you’d like. You may also of found the city that you love, that you connect with and can see yourself living in for a long time. These things are exciting as you realise you have found a home that’s just for you.

More Celebrations

It’s been a very long time since I attended a 21st but I have started attending weddings and 30ths! It can be slightly daunting to realise that the 21sts and the graduations are behind us, but I am looking forward to celebrating friends weddings and babies. In fact there’s probably a lot more reasons to celebrate in your 30s than in your 20s, bring on all the wonderful parties and gorgeous moments.

Looking After Yourself

I wasn’t too bad at this in my 20s, I went to the gym semi regularly and my diet was okish, however it was my depression diagnosis that really forced me to really take more care. I stopped going out so much as too much alcohol and lack of sleep in the weekends wasn’t doing my mental health any good. I always thought I’d miss the bar scene, but I really don’t give me a restaurant with good friends any day. In January I also had a skincare assessment (post coming soon) as I wanted to take better care of my skin.

I think as we reach the end of our 20s we do evaluate our health and our bodies and we take stock of what we could be doing better to take care of ourselves. Maybe you’ve gained weight or lost fitness or maybe it’s a simple as wanting to eat less junk food. The turning point of 30 is a good reference moment to reflect on what you really want to look and feel like.

Looking Better

In a similar vein I personally think women in their 30s look so much more beautiful than in their 20s. Your 20s are for experimenting with looks, make up and fashion, and by the time you hit 30 you have worked out what suits you. Perhaps the bleach blonde hair was a bad idea after all, turns out you can put on too much bronzer and hey, maybe you’ve actually grown to hate any jeans that aren’t high cut.

Something seems to also happen to women’s faces, they seem to get more angular and defined yet the face looks soft, the combination is absolute perfection. Perhaps it’s the calming knowledge of being more confident and secure in who you are?

People Start Taking You More Seriously

With age comes wisdom and as terrible as it sounds the older you get the more people ask for and value your advice. One area that this is most noticeable in is work, clients or colleagues start to respect your opinion or actively seek it out. One thing I enjoyed recently was young students asking for advice on working in the events industry, I got a warm glow from being seen as someone who can help.

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  1. At 36 I can definitely vouch for the fact that there are loads of positive changes to come in your 30’s! In my experience you start to feel so much more comfortable in who you are and less worried about what anyone else thinks (cliché but true!). I think making better decisions comes largely as a consequence of that – you start to better understand how things are going to affect you and the people around you in the long run, and act based on that rather than temporary emotions (some of the time anyway!). And now that you’ve mentioned it, I do think a lot of my friends around my age do look even more beautiful in their 30s. Thanks for making me feel a bit better about getting older 🙂

    Tara | prettybipolar.com

  2. Well, I will say that I have more confidence and money. But I can’t say that my life is calmer. I had two kids, two years apart at ages 30 and 32. So my life has been turned upside down! But so far, I’m loving my 30s!

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