Chapter: February Book Reviews

February has been a slightly disappointing month for reading, however I like to help other readers find new books to love or in this case, books to avoid. Check out my Chapter February Book Reviews.

Chapter February Book Reviews | Serensays.comThe End of Everything – Megan Abbott

I really don’t know how to feel about this book, after my last Megan Abbott experience I’m not even sure why I ended up buying this one. Once again it’s centered around teenage girls and once again it’s that weird, dreamy, self-indulgent dialogue that grinds me.
The story itself is rather dark, but Megan’s writing style makes it difficult to distinguish between what’s actually happening and what the lead character is simply thinking. By the end of it thankfully you have it all under control, but the ending is so twisted that you end up in a depressed funk for at least an hour (well if you’re me anyway).

Note to self: stop buying Megan Abbott books.

If you are a fan The End of Everything is $10.73 from The Book Depository 

Grit : The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth

Chapter February Book Reviews | Serensays.comI do like a good non-fiction or practical advice book, but it took all of my grit to simply get through this book. Whilst it was interesting; the theory that success is more constant commitment rather than just talent, the author didn’t half bang on about it. She said everything that needed to be said at the beginning of the book and simply continued on and on and on for the remaining chapters.
I expected more exercises or examples on how to improve your personal grittiness, but no, it was just her for the entire book talking about how every research partnership she ever did further confirmed how right she was.
To save you from reading it, here’s my one sentence summary. Commit to something that you’re interested in or passionate about, practice it steadily and you’ll be successful. Done, save the $35 and go buy a different book (just not bloody Megan Abbott).

If despite my scathing review, it still sounds interesting, then it’s $23.68 from The Book Depository.

Fame – Tilly Bagshaw

Chapter February Book Reviews | Serensays.comSometimes you want the happy ending, and that’s one of the reason’s I like Tilly Bagshaw’s books. She’s one of my author’s that I consider a guilty pleasure, it’s always glamourous story with beautiful and talented people and you get to imagine being in a stately pile in England or a modern apartment in Hollywood.
Fame is probably not one of my favourites of her books, but I still got deliciously carried away which is exactly what I needed after two rather dire reads. Whilst I enjoy her work, I wouldn’t recommend overdosing on it, it is the literature equivalent of a McFlurry, good every now and again.

Grab this now for $14.32 from The Book Depository 

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