Chapter: November Book Reviews

My new routine has given me extra time to read as I now take the train to work. As a result I’m reading more than ever which means in November I finished four books. Check them out below.

I Am Pilgram – Terry Hayes

My flatmate recommended this book to me and so when I was next at Whitcoulls I grabbed it and I was not disappointed! The blurb on the back was vague whilst also being intriguing enough to interest me; I wasn’t really sure what type of book it was aside from being a thriller.

Turns out it’s a spy thriller, not usually something I’d pick up but the story is brilliantly written and doesn’t feel like a traditional spy story. It revolves around a terrorist and the man trying to catch up, again usually I’d really struggle with this content as my knowledge of the middle east is slim to none. However it’s written in such a way that it doesn’t get overwhelming but you understand the depth required to properly process the elements at play in the regions covered in the book.

I could not put this book down, looking for every excuse to keep reading, however my one bug with it is that the author had a habit of hinting that something huge was coming up but it would always turn out to be nothing but a small annoyance to the character. Despite this it wasn’t without its surprises and the writing style will keep you thoroughly engaged.

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The Wedding Girl – Madeleine Wickham

I am a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella but only when she writes as herself, for example her shopaholic series is hilarious. I didn’t realise that this book was actually by her alter ego until I’d started it and feeling it was a bit lacking. When she writes as this person, her books are a lot lighter in terms of content, and I feel her characters lack depth. It seems odd to me as she’s the same writer, but perhaps she aims these books at a different audience?

Anyway this book was a nice light read, there are some surprises in it which you don’t see coming, and it does still have some humour. However I felt it wasn’t her best work.

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Dead Famous – Ben Elton

I think my mum recommended this book to me years ago but I’d never got round to actually buying it until very recently.

The story is about a murder on the set of a reality TV show and the following investigation. It’s not so loosely based on Big Brother, and whilst the show is being filmed one of the contestants is murdered. It’s a who-dunnit which will keep you turning the page, the ending is a complete surprise, and I’d be impressed if anyone worked it out beforehand!

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Between – jessica warman

My mum gave this to me; she found it by accident and gave to me to read. It’s about a murder on a yacht on the eve of the main character’s 18th birthday. It’s really hard to not say more without giving away the whole thing, but the first chapter really sets the story!

It’s an easy read; I finished it pretty quickly and did enjoy it. I think it’s actually a young adult book as it seemed to be written to appeal to that audience. It’s a good light read for a holiday if you’re heading away over the summer.

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