Life Update November 2016

I’ve been slack over the past couple of months in the blogging department and really there is no actual excuse except that I’ve been busy and unmotivated. However I wanted to give you life update and explain everything.

Work has been frantic, we had a major product launch that kept me away from home a bit and also mentally drained me. On top of this I’ve had some issues with my legs that have required a lot time at physios and sport consultants offices, plus sometimes it has left me in pain so again that’s been exhausting to deal with.
I’ve also been suffering from the classic old writer’s block, I have half a dozen drafts waiting to go but they’re either half-finished or I lose faith in what I’ve written and disregard them.
The final reason I’ve been ignoring the blog a bit is because I am actually about to change my career. Not in a major going back to university way, more of a gear shift way. I’m leaving Marketing as a general discipline and focusing solely on events, as of the 21st November I’ll be an Event Manager for a boutique event agency.

One of the main reasons I got into marketing was because I wanted to do event management, but when I was starting out it was easier to do marketing in general than specialise in just events as there are so few events roles. Despite loving doing events in all of my jobs, I’d stayed as a marketer because that was what I was mainly experienced in.
I fell into my current job after suddenly becoming unemployed last year, but since coming back from my holiday in May, I started to feel unfulfilled at work. The one thing that excited me was the events side of my work, so I started the hunt for a new job.
It wasn’t easy, it took nearly six months to even get an interview, this was because I was trying to specialise and because there are not many event jobs in Auckland. I even had a recruiter (a rude one!) tell me “there are no event jobs in New Zealand, so don’t waste your time.” I felt a lot of frustration and sometimes in weaker moments felt like it was a pointless cause.
Then just when I’d nearly given up, one day in September I got a call from a recruiter she potentially had a role coming up and wanted to speak with me. Long story short, she liked me, I then had THREE interviews with the company and towards the middle of October I found out I had the job!
So there you have it! That’s why I’ve been rather MIA on the blog front; I have however managed to update it with some new imagery, which I hope you all like. Plus I have my writing inspiration back and will be blogging more frequently.

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