25 Facts About Me

I’ve seen a few of these posts before from other blogger’s and thought maybe I should give it a go! So here’s 25 facts about me!

1. I was born in a small welsh coal mining town.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comI was born in Aberdare which is located in South Wales, it used to be a booming coal area but most of the mines are long closed. I grew up in a traditional coal miner’s terrace house; it had a kitchen and living room downstairs and two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. It was around 100 years old.



2. I am a Pisces!

I was born on the 9th March 1988 (I’m 28) and so I am a Pisces. Also I am an avid horoscope geek and I do believe in them!

3. I HATE rollercoasters

Not sure where this came from really, as a kid I went on Megaphobia (largest wooden roller coaster in Europe) when my school went to Oakwood Park as a school trip. I’ve also been on Space Mountain in Disney World, but I now hate them with a passion. I don’t see the point of going on a ride to be scared, it seems pointless to me.

4. I’m a neat freak.

Every day when I finish work I always tidy my desk so I can arrive in the morning to a clear desk and everything in its place. I like clean kitchen benches, keeping my car tidy and I hate clutter. I actually do a spring clean every two months and throw things out!

5. I also love spreadsheets and to do lists.

I use spreadsheets to track my habits, weight (which I then average out by week and month), spending, blog stats and so much more. Also I have a weekly to do list that I refresh every Monday. I get this trait from my father who I know has multiple spreadsheets for everything!

6. I used to breed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comBit of a strange one but Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest rabbit breed, they also have tiny ears and are so damn adorable. I used to have one male and two females, breeding each female around three times a year. I stopped when I moved out of home, sold the two females but the male lived out his days with my parents until January of this year.

7. I have weird abilities.

Ever since I was a young child I’ve been able to “sense” spirits or ghosts, I’m not in tune 100% of the time, it’s more when they decide to show themselves and it’s completely random (please don’t ask me to talk to your dead grandma). Unfortunately as I’ve got older it seems to have faded slightly, but that might be my own fault as I’m more distracted these days. This ability seems to run down my mother’s side of the family, as she has it too.

8. My absolutely favourite meal is chips and beans.

I get French fries cover them in vinegar and cook some baked beans and put them over the top. Sounds disgusting but it’s so delicious and is my comfort food. I think it stems from when I was at primary school, we used to have cooked school dinners and Mondays and Fridays were chips and beans days.

9. I used to dance.

I did two years of jazz and five years of hip hop when I was a teenager however I’m not actually good at it. I always struggled learning and remembering the routines, which of course is the key point of dance! I did however get to dance at about five All Blacks games in Hamilton which was an amazing experience.

10. I also used to ride.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comMy wonderful sister bought me riding lessons when we came to NZ on holiday in 1997, as a result I was hooked and when we went back to wales I learnt to ride. Then when we moved to NZ in 1999 I kept riding and eventually got my own horse named Ted. He was an awesome wee pony, but we had to retire him in early 2003 due to health issues. I never really rode much after that, but one day I hope to have a horse again.

11. I own an investment property.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comI was lucky enough to receive some money when I turned 21, so in 2013 I bought a house in Hamilton because it seemed like the right thing to do. I’m currently in the process of adding a garage to it. I will write a blog post on investment property management in the future!





12. I suck at sport.

I’ve never played a team sport and probably never will as I’m not the sporty type. I don’t understand how team dynamics work and I’d be terrified I’d let the team down with my lack of skills.  However I do like going to the gym and going for walks/runs, and in 2013 I competed in my first ever 5km race which I never, ever thought I could do!

13. One of my eyes is a slightly different colour.

One is green the other is more a hazel colour; it’s a lot more noticeable when I’m upset! I also have a slightly lazy eye, which is only really noticeable after a few wines and in photos.

14. I often get asked if I have fake boobs.

This happens A LOT; I guess it’s a combination of very good bras and a weirdly small waist. People sometimes even ask my friends when they don’t feel comfortable asking me directly. It makes me laugh every time and I guess it’s sort of flattering?

15. I’m very gullible and get wound up easily.

Even after 28 years I still can’t work out when people are winding me up, I always take the bait and people think it’s hilarious. Unfortunately this means that I get really stressed or annoyed or upset over things that are actually a joke. Yet I’m the master at winding other people up, so I can dish it out but I can’t handle it in return.

16. I hate my legs.

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been extremely self-conscious about my legs, most girls have slim legs but I have rather muscly legs that I struggle to fit into pants or knee high boots. I remember trying to try on knee high boots as a teenager and nearly having to cut the boot off in the shoe store as they got stuck. I was crying in the store and it was incredibly embarrassing.  As I’ve got older I’ve sort of come to terms with them and have worked out which exercises make them a bit slimmer. Also fake tan helps!

17. I fell into my career choice thanks to a book by the Devil Wears Prada author.

Her second book was about the PR world which flicked a switch in my mind, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Communications and majored in PR, and then during my first semester I also discovered marketing so I did a double major. However since graduating in 2009 I’ve worked in marketing not PR.

18. I sleep in my active wear.

This is actually a rather new habit and I only do it on mornings I want to work out. However I’m lazy and half the battle is getting into my sports bra at 5:30am. I try and eliminate as many obstacles as possible to get me up, and sleeping in my active wear works rather well 90% of the time. Just a note, it’s always clean active wear!

19. I’m a morning person.

I try to get up (see above) at 5:20am during the week to exercise, I love being outside in the morning running or walking whilst no one is around and all I can hear is the birds tweeting. Plus I like to get my exercise done at the beginning of the day as after work I like to relax or I make plans with people. I like getting up earlier so I’m not rushed, I enjoy making breakfast, tidying up and eating breakfast before I get in my car to go to work so I can start my day right.

20. I can’t really ride a bike.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comI never learnt as a kid and I did sort of learn when I was 21 but I don’t like it. Learning as an adult is a lot harder as you care a lot more about getting hurt! I stopped trying when I was 25; I never really got any enjoyment from it so I didn’t do it enough to get better. People think it’s weird but it doesn’t bother me one bit.

21. I learnt to read and write at 2.

My mum taught me when I was 2 before I went to what is called nursery school in Wales aged 3. I’m so thankful for it because I can speed read like crazy and thoroughly enjoy reading books. I’ve literally read thousands over my life time, when I was at university I could easily read four books a week. I love to write too, but my spelling and grammar can be a bit wobbly sometimes (sorry mum) as the ideas come out too fast.

22. I used to wear glasses.

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.comWhen I was still in primary school I started to struggle to read the board, from then until I was 23 I wore glasses for most activities. Around that time a few friends of mine who wore glasses had decided to get laser eye surgery and raved about it. So when I had enough money I booked myself in. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.



23. I believe in God or some sort of higher power.

No I’m not particularly religious although I do love the religious traditions and churches, but I do believe in something bigger than us. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, this is just what I believe and feel. I guess I’m classified as a spiritual person.

24. My favourite drink is tea.

I drink about 4-5 cups a day, I love it. Just standard English breakfast with a splash of milk, I have it with my breakfast every single morning and drink it throughout the day at work. I get annoyed when people don’t know how to make a decent cup of tea, as I consider it an art. I have a collection of what I consider funny mugs at home which I think my flatmate secretly hates as he loves plain white mugs. Also wine comes in at second place!

25. I was in the local paper when I was born.

I lovely picture of me looking like a frog and my dad (with a full head of hair) were featured in the paper when I was born. This was because I was born on national no smoking day in Wales and for some reason I was jammed in a “I’m a born non-smoker t-shirt” and my photo was taken. I still have the t-shirt and I’ve never, ever smoked a cigarette in my life! (But I have drunk A LOT of wine).

25 Facts About Me | Serensays.com

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