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In April we spent an awesome four days taking in the sights and sounds of San Francisco. A large part of that was of course, the restaurants and bars. Check out my quick guide to San Francisco eats & drinks.

The Must Visits!

There were a few places that I highly recommend you take the time to check out. See below to find some of the best food and cocktails in the city.

Dirty Habit

San Francisco Eats & Drinks | Serensays.comThis is a roof top bar only 5 floors up but nestled between buildings so it is a proper intimate hideaway. It has a very opulent feel, with dark woods and rich fabrics, but the real star of this show is the stunning cocktail list.

We spent a good hour and a half here snacking on fries and drinking delicious cocktails, a must visit and across the road from The View Lounge!

Super Duper Burgers

San Francisco Eats & Drinks | Serensays.comWe were told by a variety of people to go here, so on our last night in San Francisco we headed down to the one on the edge of the Westfield. It was pretty busy but we were served quickly and we received our food promptly. They only do two types of beef burgers, I ordered the mini burger as the super burger is two patties and of course with a side of fries. Jess ordered the garlic fries which looked pretty damn amazing too!

The hype is real, this place is incredible, easily the best burger I have ever eaten. This place is an absolute must visit.





Farmer BrownSan Francisco Eats & Drinks |

We came here for one thing and one thing only, fried chicken waffles for breakfast. Farmer Brown is a soul food restaurant, which means waffles, fried chicken, biscuits, ribs, gumbo all of this and more is on the menu here.

We arrived early, too early actually they weren’t even open (they’d recently changed their hours but the signs on the door stated the old hours, it caused much confusion). We were the only people there so we were served really quickly.

Jess had the fried chicken waffles, which were delicious even though she felt odd eating fried chicken for breakfast. I had eggs with biscuits, biscuits it turns out are like a scone, so it worked well with my eggs. Whilst it was a heavy breakfast, it was ideal for a day of shopping (it’s perfectly located across from Westfield).

Additional Places To Visit

We went to a lot of places in our four days, some of which haven’t been mentioned here, but below are a few more places to check out.

The View Lounge

San Francisco Eats & Drinks | Serensays.comThis is a famous bar at the top  of the Marriott Marquis so this means it is constantly packed. Whilst we didn’t actually eat or drink here I still included it as it has the most incredible view. We managed to turn up right on sunset, worth the visit and if you can handle the people, a drink too.


Natoma Cabana

San Francisco Eats & Drinks | Serensays.comWe were exposed to mixing with actual locals whilst we were in San Fran! Our tour guide Torrey kindly invited us to her work happy hour at this funky we bar in SOMA. Worth a drink or five if you can find it!





The Palm House

We visited here for some quick cocktails after dinner on our very first day in San Fran. Another place that does great cocktails (I had a dark and stormy that actually left me rather tipsy) and the food looked awesome too.





Colibri Mexican Bistro

San Francisco Eats & Drinks | Serensays.comOur lovely local tour guide Torrey recommended we try some San Fran Mexico before we headed to actual Mexico so we went to Colibri which wasn’t too far from our hotel. Disclaimer: San Fran Mexico was extremely different to Mexican food in Mexico!

To be honest I don’t really remember but from memory it was the carnitas which is marinated pork and I think Jess had the chicken tostadas de tinga.

What I do remember was the cactus leaves which are grilled and then marinated, with herbs, garlic and mushrooms. We tried them as they sounded interesting and they certainly were that! Whilst not horrible, I personally wasn’t a huge fan.

Overall I wouldn’t come back here, I believe there are probably better Mexican restaurants in San Fran.

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