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Looking for something new to read? Chapter is my monthly book review blog post, this month I’m reviewing Lying In Wait, Deep Blue Ocean, The Good Girl and The Total Money Makeover.

Lying in Wait – Liz Nugent

“My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.” This is beginning line of this book that is  written in orange on the cover and the reason I picked up this book off the shelf at Whitcoulls. All I can say is wow, what a book.

I finished this in about two days because I could NOT put it down. The story hooks you in from the very revealing first line and will keep you there until the final twist of the knife at the end.

I found the ending sent a chill down my spine, and it stayed with me for days afterwards. This is a debut novel from Liz Nugent, I hope her future books are as incredible as this.

$19.94 from The Book Depository

Deep Blue Ocean – Tasmina Perry

Every now and again I like to devour a good old fashioned chick lit, don’t judge me, we all have our vices. However I have my favourite authors in this genre, Tasmina Perry being one of them.

Whilst her books are packed with glamour, money and wildly attractive people they also focus more on a mystery than love. Love is always a theme, but it sits backseat to the main story.

Deep Blue Ocean is about two women, sisters who haven’t spoken in years, however the death of one of their husbands changes this. The grieving widow asks her former journalist sister to discover the truth behind her husband’s death.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s an easy read and offers a bit of escapism in the fact that they’re rich so it’s peppered with designer clothes and luxurious locations. Whilst it’s not a sophisticated thriller or crime novel, the ending isn’t 100% predictable.

$13.70 from Book Depository

The Good Girl – Mary Kubica

The back of this book gives nothing away, it lures you in with the premise that Mia, the main character, will obviously have an unlucky meeting with a man. It’s enough to intrigue you, but doesn’t give too much away.

The story seemed to drag for the first three-quarters of the book, so I actually struggled, I wasn’t looking for excuses to read it like I did with Lying In Wait. However I’m glad I kept going because in the last quarter it really gets going. Suddenly what seems so cut and dry, becomes murky and complex.

$11.87 from The Book Depository

The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

This book was a life changer for me. I consider myself to be moderately money savvy (I have a budget but that’s it), but I didn’t really know how to save properly and reach my goals. I was feeling frustrated, so I literally Googled the best financial advice book and this popped up.

The beginning seemed to be just full of promises, I couldn’t help but think “yep cool, but HOW?” However the book then moves into the 7 Baby Steps, which made it all seem so simple and even better easy!

Honestly I can’t rave enough about this book, I’m actually excited to putting it into practice. It’s written in short bites, so you’re not dragged down into complicated chapters which is important for a heavy subject such as finance. My boss is currently borrowing it!

$29.31 from Book Depository

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