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When Tinder first launched it was considered a hook up app, deemed for those who where desperate or only looking for one night of fun. However as the years have passed, it’s matured and morphed into an acceptable way to meet people who want a genuine relationship. In fact, I recently attended a wedding of two people who met on Tinder, and I know another couple who are recently engaged who also met on the app.


Most people I know have used Tinder at some point, including myself. When I first downloaded it I kept it for a grand total of 1 day, at first it was exciting flicking through guys and then getting the ego boost of a match. However a mix of fear and shame of being judged made me delete the app and I didn’t go back to it for over a year.

In late 2015 the stigma of being a Tinder user was dissolving, people became confident to admit they used it, even my workmates openly used it. I decided to give it another crack, and I plucked up the courage to actually go on a date. I was terrified, what if I couldn’t find him  and ended up humiliating myself asking strangers if they were who I was meeting.

Long story short, I found him straight away (apparently people DO look like their photos!) and whilst he was a nice enough chap it didn’t progress (although in a weird twist of fate he’s now my flatmate). This is common with Tinder as I was soon to find out, first dates seem to be more like awkward job interviews.

Over the next month or so I went on a few dates, but I couldn’t really be bothered and they barely stumbled past a first meeting so I deleted it.

Right before my holiday I downloaded the damn thing again, I must admit I was more curious to see what men looked like in America (did they have six legs? Purple hair?).I didn’t use it in America apart from the time when it came in handy on the Vegas trip.

When I arrived back I decided to give it a proper go because I figured at the worst it’d make for some great blog banter. I booked my diary out with dates as I was determined to dive right in!

Guy number one, really nice but shorter than me, despite that I wouldn’t of said no if he asked to see me again (he didn’t, maybe he didn’t like girls who are taller than him). The second guy was not only newly divorced (as in three months) but also a smoker, this is a complete deal breaker for me, so I politely turned down a second date. The third guy actually asked me on a second date, however he quickly lost interest after that but used work as an excuse. The next was a primary school teacher/wrestler who was ridiculously attractive in a cardigan but that was about it. Oh and there was one funny Aussie guy who had good chat but we had no connection.

Then, in only my second week of committing to this Tinder experiment I had a date with a guy whose first interaction with me on the app was via an adorable GIF of a bear waving. I actually remember the very first second I saw him in real life, we were meeting at XuXu in Britomart he’d already text me to say that a) he was here and b) he’d got a table by the door. (Corny part alert) We made eye contact as soon as I walked in and I  remember thinking “oh wow, this one’s different.”

Turns out he was, after a great first date there were more great dates (on the second date he actually rescued me!) and then naturally over time, we became a couple. When people ask how we met I proudly tell say we met on Tinder, because I think it’s important to acknowledge that more and more relationships are starting from online meetings. It has it’s benefits, and of course it has it’s downfalls, but for many people it works!

Have you got any Tinder stories? Did you meet your partner online or through an app? Do you have any horror stories?

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