July Restaurant Round Up


If you’re visiting Auckland or if you live here and are looking for somewhere to eat, check out my recommendations below!



One of the Auckland institutions yet I have never been, practically a crime if you live in this city, especially as sushi is such a stable of all Aucklander’s diets (except mine, too many bad experiences). However they offer a lot more than just sushi which is fantastic as who actually wants sushi for dinner? Surely sushi is more of a lunch food? Anyway I digress….

This is another ‘you can’t book restaurants’ unless you’re in a large group, but as there was only two of us and we were visiting mid week this wasn’t an issue, we were seated immediately in a cosy corner. That night it appeared to be three quarters full, with plenty of larger groups yet it wasn’t noisy and it’s quite intimate for a large restaurant. The decor is on the industrial side with bare brick walls, concrete floor and a glass wall divider however it’s softened by warm, tan coloured seating and booths and delicate Japanese blooms.

We ordered the Edamame to start which came out perfectly salted, followed by my personal favourite shell fish, scallops, these were stunningly presented in shells which were artfully stabilised by wee piles of salt (we checked).  We then ended with the sticky pork belly and the teriyaki chicken, all of which was not only beautifully presented but also absolutely incredible and delicious.

Ebisu highlights the difference between good Japanese food and great Japanese food.


This place is fast becoming a regular joint for me, I’ve been here three times in July alone but the burgers are just soooo good. I’m a pretty simple eater who hates sauce (don’t ask) so the fact that this place lets me customise my burger (i.e remove the mayo and mustard and pickles but add bacon) without a blink of an eye means it gets an A+ from me.

Whilst the burgers are low on the salad side, there are plenty of ways to up your greens intake with the four different side salads/vegetable options. Or you can ditch the bun altogether and wrap your burger in lettuce.

July Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.comThe burger pattie itself is worth a mention, it’s easily one of the best I have ever tasted. The standard cooking style is medium rare but they always ask when you place your order. Wash it all down with one of their homemade sodas, or a thick-shake or milkshake.

They also have a sister offering, Fish Fish, but stick to the Burger Burger side as Fish Fish left us feeling a bit like, cold fish…..


July Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.comHidden down a brick lane is a laser cut wooden cave which holds a treasure trove of desert delights displayed like multi-coloured jewels in cases.  Milse is a highly popular after dinner destination, we went here after Ebisu and bumped into a group of dinners who were a table over from us doing the exact same thing, foregoing the restaurant menu in favour of a quick visit to Milse.

You can dine in here (if they have room) or opt to takeaway, so after you have completed the highly difficult task of choosing, the staff will happily pop your choice into a cardboard container for you to enjoy at home. It’s affordable to, we got two gorgeous deserts for only $16.

We chose the lemon meringue and the cookies and cream cheese cake. The lemon meringue was quite possibly the most fluffiest and light meringue I have ever had. It had the perfect amount of tartness without leaving that weird lingering coating in your mouth. The cheesecake probably sounds rather overwhelming but in reality it was actually spot on.

If you are ever in Britomart and feel like a treat then I strongly suggest you pop in here.


July Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.com

We ate here less than a week after opening as I’d been following it’s creation via the architect that was involved. It’s located in an area of the city which apparently used to be a thriving restaurant area, however now it’s a bit quieter.

Despite booking we still had to wait 15 minutes which was fine as they have a lovely relaxing waiting area. I also love that they have what I call “proper” service here, they take your coats and put them away and they take your drinks from the waiting area to the table for you. Call me old fashioned but I have a real thing for traditions.

They have an impressive wine selection here over 500, and it looks like they have a full time sommelier which you really never, ever see these days in restaurants. We only had mains here, we had the pork belly and the lamb, honestly, the lamb was the absolute favourite by far.

July Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.comThe decor here is beautiful and chic,with navy walls, dark timbers and a feature of wine glasses on the ceiling as you walk in. While you’re there, make sure you pay a visit to the bathroom.


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