7 Ways of Dealing with Unemployment

Three years ago I ended up unemployed after being made redundant, at first it was easy and fun, but then as one month turned into two and then into three and suddenly I was struggling. Looking back I would of managed those three months differently. Below are 7 ways that you can deal with unemployment.



Even though you may not have something to do that day or go it’s very important that you keep some sort of routine. Wake up at the same time every day, make sure you have breakfast, shower and importantly get dressed!


I had grand ideas of ensuring I exercised and that I used the time off to get fit but my motivation never really kicked in. Looking back, I know that if I had it would of helped me stay in a positive frame of mind and I would of looked great that summer!

Exercising doesn’t need to be expensive if money is tight, go for a walk or a run or download the Nike Training Club app (it’s free & awesome!) No matter what you choose make sure you incorporate some sort of exercise into your routine.


The Seek website allows you to have a profile loaded with a CV, and if you set your status to actively looking then your CV could be saved by recruiters looking for candidates. They’ll contact you directly if they’re interested, I’m still regularly contacted even though I’m employed!

Update your Linked In profile, connect with recruiters and check out the jobs section, there are jobs posted there that sometimes aren’t on Seek. Also if you read any industry news or articles related to your profession share them on your Linked In status.


As you have more free time why not use it to learn something new? It doesn’t necessarily  have to be career related it could be anything you’ve wanted to try. The key is keep yourself challenged and engaged so you don’t become bored or worse, depressed and unmotivated.

I had a play that was opening whilst I was unemployed so being able to act on stage every day till late yet sleep in the next day was very handy.


Volunteering is not only a great way of helping the community but can also keep you busy and build new skills and give you more experience. Check out this nationwide volunteering site for opportunities or the volunteer section on Seek.

When I finished university I volunteered in events to help gain some experience, it was great for my CV and helped me land my first job in marketing.


I was lucky that I had a redundancy payment that got me through the most of my unemployment, however towards the end I had to go to Work and Income to inquire about the benefit. I actually secured a job right before I was due to start on it but I was entitled to a bridging payment to help tide me over until I got my first payment from my new job.

If you find yourself strapped for cash between jobs then make sure you find about what you’re entitled to.


One of the things I did a lot was head home to stay with my parents, when you’re working full time it can be easy to rush through life, to only be able to grab the odd weekend here and there. I highly suggest you take some of your free time to spend quality time with your family, one of my favourite things is a home cooked meal with my parents and then watching detective TV shows.

I also found being around family in times of uncertainty as being very therapeutic, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed take some time to reconnect with your roots.

Remember, unemployment doesn’t last forever (even if sometimes it feels like it does!), so make the most of the time and do what you can to stay positive. Your life is more than just your job, yes you need money but when you have an opportunity to focus on other aspects of your life than embrace it!

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