June Restaurant Round Up

I like to eat, I also love the fact that Auckland is busting to the seams with fantastic places to eat. Here’s where I went in June!

The Good Ones

White & Wongs – Asian Fusion

June Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.com

A relative new kid on the block in Auckland, it’s in the old Waterfront bar building and makes up a small collection of new places that are refreshing an extremely tired viaduct. We came here on a Thursday night and the place was packed, so I recommend you book in advance (thankfully bookings seem to be coming back in vogue).

We ordered the Wok fried chicken wings, Chinese roast pork belly, and the Wagyu beef dumplings plus some rice for a side. We also ordered “Woktails”, the Blushing Buddha (Arette Blanco tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, passion fruit, mango) and the Sour Tiger (St Remi cognac, Domaine de Canton, fresh lemon juice, homemade honey syrup), both were incredibly delicious and go perfectly with the food.

I’ve been raving about this place ever since, and recommending to EVERYONE.

The Tasting Shed – European/Mediterranean 

It was extremely quiet when we came here but that’s because it’s way out west and it was a mid week. Don’t let that fool you though, this place is consistently in the Metro’s Top 50 and has won a slew of other awards.

They have a very simple menu but offers something for everyone, we had the meatballs, pork belly, beef cheek, fish of the day and the potatoes. All of it was absolutely wonderful, and five dishes was easily enough for two people.

Will be back here again one weekend afternoon.

Indochine Kitchen Vietnamese

June Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.comI’d never heard of this place until I was searching for a Vietnamese place on Google and I’m so glad I did. Located in the revamped Fort Street, it seems to be a popular choice for workers in the area and I can see why!

The staff were very friendly and helpful here, they gave us some recommendations and so we ordered the Bò Sốt Vang  (French influenced beef stew in a red wine sauce), Gà Xào Xả Ớt with Canh Cài (Lemongrass chicken), the Bún chả (pork belly with noodles) and some Asian greens and rice on the side. Not only is this place delicious it’s also reasonably priced, all the dishes are under $15.

June Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.com

To go with our meal we had Hanoi Twist cocktails, which are vodka, fresh apple juice, ginger, lime and mint. Very refreshing and probably one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had!

This one is going into the must revisit folder.


The Not So Good Ones

16Tun – Pub

June Restaurant Round Up | Serensays.comLocated in Wynard Quarter I hadn’t really heard of it before but thought why not give it a go. It has a very cool fit out, lots of copper which, if it’s real, probably cost a fortune. It has a very extensive beer list and a food menu that features what’d you call typical pub grub.

However the food was slightly disappointing the spicy chicken was good but the mains were decidedly average but then it does pitch itself as beer focused rather than food focused. I’d come here again for a drink but wouldn’t eat here.

Baduzzi – Italian

I was very excited to visit Baduzzi, I’d heard great things and it’s Italian! Yay! You can’t book here but we were told it wouldn’t be busy as it was a Wednesday. Wrong. It was heaving with people, but we did manage to grab the last table though.

The wine list has a lot of Italian wines which excites me, but then the waitress explains that the menu is “designed to share”, at this point I feel like my world is cashing and burning, why oh why is an Italian restaurant joining in this ridiculous fad?! (I wouldn’t go into why I dislike this trend) I want to eat a lovely big bowl of pasta, that’s why we came to an Italian place!

Anyway I’m a grown up so I’ll manage, we ordered the venison meatballs (which she “upped to 4” from 3 so I knew at that point there wouldn’t be enough food), with duck pasta and potato tortellini. The meat balls arrived pretty quickly and were delicious but then we had to wait nearly 45 minutes for the rest. We really felt like we needed more food as the three dishes weren’t that filling but we didn’t want to potentially wait another 45 minutes.

This one is a real mixed bag for me, the food was really tasty but the average service with the fact that it’s a sharing restaurant -eye roll- means that I’m in no hurry to come back but if someone was holding a dinner there I’d go again.

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