Junk Free June 11 – 20

I’m over halfway through Junk Free June! How am I managing and what have I been eating? Read on!

Dreaming of Donuts

I am literally having dreams about donuts, which is weird as I can’t even remember the last time I even ate a donut, years ago I’d say. Yet I have pink iced donuts with sprinkles floating all around in my head and now penetrating my dreams. So bizarre.

I even have dreams of eating food that I have given up for the month, and in the dream I feel so ashamed of myself. This is a new feeling for me, as mentioned in the previous post I never feel shame or guilt when it comes to food.


In my waking state I am managing, it has got harder, I do now get cravings for things, but it doesn’t disrupt my day. There are times when I feel like ice cream, but I get over it and usually make a cup of tea instead. Sometimes I go to grab food (like chips in a bowl) on autopilot and I have to stop and remind myself, nope, that’s on the list!


I’ve smashed my goal off $100 and am currently on $135 thanks to my awesome friends and family! (You know who you are) I’ve also picked up some cool prizes along the way such as 20% off at Ecoya, 25% off at Commoners and I’m in the draw to win $40 worth of Uber rides.

I’d love to raise $200 so if you’d like to donate click here, all the money raised goes directly to the NZ Cancer Society.


To get through I’ve been doing a lot more cooking, including another Donna Hay favourite of pasta, baby tomatoes, chorizo, lemon, basil and garlic. I made this for a casual Saturday dinner at home.


I’ve also made a vegetable soup for work lunches, this was also a personal attempt at seeing if I could survive on less meat and upping my vegetable intake.


Now I’m over half way, yes I have cravings, but no I’m not struggling. I plan on surviving the final third by trying out even MORE recipes and keeping to my gym and run schedule. I will admit though, I am looking forward to eating a pink donut next Friday.



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