Junk Free June 1-10

Last Supper

I actually had KFC for dinner the night before I started, and in all honesty I felt pretty crap after it, so at least I started with the memory of feeling yuck which probably helped!

This is a breeze!

Ok so the first few days were pretty easy, I was at work so generally my eating is exactly the same day-to-day. For morning tea I had an apple and rice crackers, lunch was chicken with brown rice and vegetables and afternoon tea was a pita bread and hummus. Rinse and repeat!

I will admit that I did at one point crave some chocolate when I was feeling tired, we have a snack box at our work so they sit there looking all delicious and tempting. However I prevailed!

Out For Lunch

This was when I first really missed something, I went out with some old work mates of mine, we had Italian, which was great as I love pasta so it felt like a treat! However when I go out for lunch I tend to get a Coke, and my workmate ordered a Coke and I really, really wanted one too. I stuck to my guns though and drank water.

There was some debate as to if breath mints count, as I popped it into my mouth without thinking. I decided they do not, but felt super guilty about it, which in hindsight is absurd.

Girls Trip Temptations

I knew when I started this that I was going to Sydney, and so I have allowed alcohol during my Junk Free June. However the big issue here was that when you’re in a rush it can be hard to grab something that is considered “healthy”. For example when I arrived the flight was delayed and I wanted to grab something before the dress fitting, however even the cafes only really serve pies, muffins, cake etc all of which are no-nos. I did find a bacon and egg roll to eat on the run so that was a win, but it took visits to about five different cafes!

Lunch was easy, I enjoyed a lamb stew which on rainy and cold Sydney day was ideal, and dinner was already planned so that wasn’t a problem either. The hardest part so far was when we went through the McDonald’s drive thru on the way home at 1am. The smell of the fries was so tempting, but I resisted.

Getting back in the kitchen

One of the best things so far has been that I’ve been motivated to try some more new recipes and cook some of my favourites again. This week I’ve made chicken noodle soup with ginger and lemon plus sesame pork meat balls with Chinese noodles (check out the recipe here). With delicious dinners like these, you don’t miss junk food!


What is very exciting is that I am already half way to my fund raising total. This was a huge moral booster for me. If you’d like to donate click here, it will be hugely appreciated and all the money goes directly to the Cancer Society of New Zealand.

What Is Junk?

One of the most interesting things that has come up in the first ten days is people’s perception of junk food. Someone asked me if all I would be eating is salad, they’re view of real food appeared to cut out meat and carbs completely which are both essential. In this day and age of gluten free, paeleo diets and health fads we seem to have forgotten what real food is. Real food is meat, carbs, proteins, vegetables and fruits, it’s taking time to cook what you enjoy, it’s about balance and

Personally I have a positive view of food, I never feel guilty about what I eat and I never deny myself anything and I don’t label food good or bad. I know what I should be eating and try to adhere to that as best as I can, however I do get lazy at times because I’m only human! Personally when I don’t eat good, real food then my body does feel sluggish and bloated, but if I’m going out for a dinner at an amazing restaurant then I’ll order whatever I feel like because life is about enjoyment and you should never feel guilty about enjoying food.


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