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This is a bit of an interesting post, I think a few of you might mistake a nightclub’s marketing ploy as something more sinister. I’d like to be upfront now and say at no point did we feel like we were in danger or uncomfortable, this is simply girls  getting free stuff, because clubs like to fill their booths and dance floors with women. So enjoy the post and ladies if you’re planning a trip to Vegas keep this in mind!

Here’s a great secret about Vegas, if you are a female, the nightlife in Vegas is free. This meant that Jess and I scored a night out on the town and paid nothing. Yes that’s right, if you are a lady, no lining up, no cover charges, private booths and most importantly free alcohol. In comparison a small group of men pay around US$700 – $1,000 for the same treatment.

There are two ways of getting this perk, the first is you may be approached in the casinos or the second option is that you can use social media to your advantage. We discovered this through Tinder but we were also approached in the casinos, in the actual clubs and also through our Instagrams.

The Old Fashioned

We were approached twice when we were at the Bellagio simply walking to the club, so this is an easy way. I suggest you work out which club you want to go to and head to that casino and make sure you dress nicely. The con with this method is you can’t guarantee that there will be hosts hovering. We were also approached in Hyde by another VIP host sourcing for another club, so be prepared to suddenly have a lot of options for your night.

Swipe Right

How to have a free night out in Vegas | Serensays.comThe other way via social media and this is how we discovered it,  entirely by accident. I was waiting for Jess to get ready one morning and had a scroll through Tinder and I noticed a few guys have there jobs listed as VIP Host, then in their bios it says  what clubs they work for and that can add you on the list. Basically they’re using Tinder for work purposes which makes sense and makes it easy for tourists to have a decent night out.


The next time a club VIP host popped up I swiped right,  and this is how we met Douglas. He works for Hakkasan, 1Oak, Omina, Wet Republic, to name a few!  When we matched he asked if we were going out tonight and that if we were he had a booth at Hyde that we could join, so  we exchanged Whatsapp details as it was easier to communicate.

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After making the time arrangements and fortifying ourselves with a couple of vodkas we headed down to Hyde (which is located in the Bellagio) to meet Douglas. There were two groups of other girls also waiting, so in total there was around 8 – 10 of us. He led us past the people lined up, past where you pay the entry fee and into our own private booth. A few minutes later a bottle of vodka with mixers was promptly plopped down in-front of us. At first we were all a tad stunned, but one of the bar girls made us some drinks and after that we were happily taking selfies for Snapchat, dancing and refilling enthusiastically.

How to have a free night out in Vegas |

The System

After half an hour, we were moved to another booth, one that was just off the dance floor, and then a mere ten minutes we were moved again to an even better booth which was directly under the DJ and over looked the dance floor. Eventually you are included in a booth with guys and this is where you understand the marketing strategy that the clubs are using. They get girls into the clubs for free, and of course the guys then want to be where the girls are so they come along but they have to pay. However we were mostly ignored by the men despite us being allowed to drink their bottle service booze. How to have a free night out in Vegas |

Overall it was an awesome night out,  it’s a pretty amazing moment when you realise that you’re partying in one of the best Vegas clubs, for free and you get one of the best views to watch the fountains. For any lady heading to Vegas make sure you take advantage! For those interested I still have Douglas’s contact details if you want an easy VIP Host contact.

One final tip, we went mid-week, which is fine as Vegas is busy every night but the major pool parties and the headliner DJs are Thursday – Saturday nights.





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