Planning an American Holiday (1)

Whilst I’ve seen many countries and done some travelling, I felt that at 28, that time was slipping by and I was missing out. The two main excuses for not packing a suitcase and buying a ticket were always going to be nagging at me, in reality,  there would never be a perfect alignment of funds and time off work. Of course with any great holiday you need a plan! Here are my top tips on Planning an American holiday.


Mid last year I finally took the plunge, my friends had tickets to Coachella and a little bell went off in my head. Life’s too short, I had kept saying for the past three years that the following year I’d do a trip to America, yet because of a combination of excuses, I still hadn’t gone. This time however I took the plunge, in all honesty I didn’t exactly have the funds but I figured I would make it work.

The thrill of committing was exhilarating, it was the first step that I’d worried over for years but had finally taken. Now that I was going to America, the next step was choosing where else I wanted to go. For those who aren’t aware, New Zealand is half way around the world from America, an average flight takes twelve hours, so if I was going then I wanted to see more than just Coachella!

I’m heading to Coachella with a group of friends, but only two of us are travelling together for the whole trip, the rest of them are breaking off to see other places and we all have different amounts of time off so that’s how it ended up. This made choosing the other destinations to visit easier, Las Vegas was a must for me so that was a quick decision.


San Francisco wasn’t really on my hot list, I’d been before many years ago (admittedly a quick one and a half day stop over) and I didn’t really have a urge desire to go back yet. However because I didn’t want to go to Los Angeles but I really wanted to fly Air New Zealand and San Francisco you can get to direct from Auckland. Mix in the fact that fares were cheaper on a certain day and hey presto! I have four days in San Francisco to begin my trip! I will admit, I am now really looking forward to it after doing some proper research.


Finally, I’d had a few friends visit Mexico in the past year and absolutely rave about it, it isn’t really a destination many New Zealanders would of considered in the past but it seems that’s changing. A combination of amazing Pintrest images combined with friends reviews  meant that Mexico was the final part of our American puzzle.

That makes the final itinerary for the trip is as follows, San Francisco, Coachella, Las Vegas and Mexico. It will take approximately three and half weeks, which doesn’t seem that long but when you need to also hold down a full time job this is an ideal amount of time.

There you have it! The basic outline of my next adventure, in my next blog post I’ll go into detail about how I planned the more intricate parts of my trip, the websites I used and the handy tips I discovered.





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